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  1. I've just bought a good-condition old E100 off ebay for next to nothing and want to update the ROM to the newest availabe since it's only in 1.3 at the moment. I can't seem to find a download of the 1.61 ROM anywhere. The orange website only provides the 1.5 ROM.
  2. Jex

    Msn 8.0

    EDIT: Problem solved
  3. It would be easier to make a list of apps that haven't run... Every single app that I've tried has run, and this isn't just modern apps, this is things like Flite (old vox program) from way back when.
  4. I've never had any problem with WM5 and backward compatability! In fact, it's more backward compatible that 2003SE becasue WM5 can run both PPC and SP programs...
  5. Well, I used to, but then they fixed my iPod :) I use my Blue Angel with 1gb mini-sd for playing movies though...
  6. The BA roms (though unoficial) is fairly stable, people's experiences of it vary based on whether or not it was installed perfectly and other variables. There are a lot of developers working on bug fixes to remedy the few problems... I upgraded a few months ago and haven't looked back. It's the little touches I love, like having little mugshots by the persons name in text messages. I especially like being able to sun both pocket pc and smartphone software on it... I've got my old SP version of Worms World Party running on it!
  7. I haven't had any problems with docs. I'm running activesync 4 with the converters turned off. Office Mobile doesn't support .pxl or .pwd anymore, it now saves in native .xls and .doc format, I find that it offers far better support like that. Especially the being able to open .ppt files and run them normally, without any conversion.
  8. Subtle changes make all the difference. The new Office Mobile suite is a good improvement, especially graph function for excel and the new Powerpoint Mobile is useful too. The added native support for GPS is also a bonus. Contacts are now better. The intergration of media is great! (Sorry for adding the name, I forgot that I wasn't supposed to...)
  9. I've just flashed the WM5 rom (ILLEGAL ROM NAME REMOVED - Please do not discuss or provide location details of illegal roms) Was shocked by how simple it was to do, I've never tried flashing roms, cause I figured they would be too techinically dificult to install. Must say that I'm very impressed by WM5, got a nice wi-fi conection to my PC, got my music streaming of my harddrive into WMP10! Pure class! Was also supprised by how little WM5 slows the system down, I thought that it might be more of a spec-hog than WM2003-SE, but aparently not. Runs smooth as silk on my XDAIIs Loving it!
  10. Hi, May be getting a good deal on an XDA ||s soon, but it's locked on o2 and I am on orange... How much is it going to cost me to get the SIM Lock removed? or can I do it for free? Thanks...
  11. I spent 5 hours labouriously copying the new Star Wars movie (Ep3) onto my 1gb card... I used DVDDecrypt to decode the VOBs and then used DVD2Avi to convert to avi and dub the sound. Then copy into Windows Movie Maker and output. The best settings for C500 play back are 'Videos For Pocket PC' in the drop down box: File Type: Windows Media Video (WMV) Bit rate: 218 Kbps Display Size: 208*160 pixels Aspect ratio: 4:3 Frames per second: 20 One 2 hour movie adds up to 170mb in that format, and runs as smooth as silk (pretty much)...
  12. I've got both Snails and WWP on my phone, and find I play WWP a lot more often. That said, Snails is still an amazing game (in fact, I remember reporting a bug in the beta pocketpc version that allowed unlimited money in shop mode) There is just a certain something about the worms franchise that is just very solid and classy.
  13. Fixed. Sucked all the dust out and now its working.
  14. Nope, different makes, and both work with my Belkin reader... Can't really do to orange, because upgraded to this model by buying off ebay and I'm no longer on contract, so don't have orange care...
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