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  1. rebecker

    Odd Data Message After Hard Reset

    Ah, thanks. I didn't understand that you were talking about a cab in this forum. Sorry to make you go through the effort. BUT, it's great appreciated! :) -Bob-
  2. rebecker

    Odd Data Message After Hard Reset

    Thanks for your response. I found the first thing, but I don't understand your direction for turning off the data. Can you clarify? I'm a little slow-witted sometimes. :) -Bob-
  3. I had to do a hard reset on my TyTN II. Since doing it, several times a day I've been getting a connection message saying the phone is connecting to "T-Mobile WModem Link" even though I don't have a data plan (I use a prepay phone-only account). It then connects to an EDGE data connection for a couple minutes; then reverts to a standard non-data connection. Any ideas why this would be happening and how I can turn this off (especially the message, which is annoying)? I've tried to USE the data connection, but it doesn't work (I didn't expect it to). Thanks in advance. -Bob-
  4. I am a current user of the TyTN II who is considering getting the new HTC HD2 when is becomes available. I know the new unit is not "compatible" with US systems, but I'm not sure I understand what's not compatible. Is it the 3G data function or ALL data functions that is not compatible? Would I still be able to get email and access to the internet, at a slower speed, if I had a US T-Mobile data account on the European HD2? Thanks. -Bob-
  5. rebecker

    Remove "Start"

    Is there a way to remove the word "Start" from the area next to the Windows logo? I'd like to have more space for the open apps logos. -Bob-
  6. rebecker

    Time Update Question

    :D There isn't a day where I don't think of that!
  7. OK, this may be a really stupid question, but...I just moved to a new Vista computer from an XP. I would like my TyTN II NOT to update its time based on the PC time. I would swear I was able to turn off that function in ActiveSync on my XP, but I can't find that setting in MDC on my Vista. Can this be done? Thanks. -Bob-
  8. I'm looking for an extended battery for my TyTN II. A while back I saw one with a back cover the allowed access to the GPS connection as well as the speaker and camera openings. It had a raised area where the larger battery was housed, with a indented area that matched the original thickness in the GPS/speaker/camera area. Unfortunately, I don't remember the capacity or brand. Can anyone point me to the brand? I don't believe it was Seidio or Mugen. Thanks. -Bob-
  9. One of the few disappointing flaws in PocketInformant is the way Alarm Notes work (actually, don't work) with my TyTN II (and iPAQ 4705). Since WM 5 the ability to draw Alarm Notes hasn't worked. In addition, the alarm will not wake up the screen, although the sound works (sort of. Actually, because I have a large sound file I have to wait for the entire 15 seconds of music before I gain access to the unit. This is only a problem with PI Alarm Notes.). Anyway, I'd like to find a replacement software package for drawn notes. I've checked out apMemo, which works very well. My only complaint is that the buttons require a stylus because of their size. Would like to find a finger-friendly program. I've also tried BugMe, which has the same small button issue as apMemo, with the additional flaw of not responding well to my finger nail or stylus for quick entry. So, can anyone recommend a program that: 1. Allows for quick drawing. 2. Has alarm capabilities. 3. Is finger-friendly. Thanks in advance. -Bob-
  10. I read about the humidity issue too (In fact, I responded to it). I've had a TyTN II in Costa Rica (right next door to Panama) since October. It works great. I've also had an old HP iPAQ 4705 in CR for 4 years. It still works. However, I'm on my THIRD laptop. I'd say you should be much more concerned about your laptop than you phone. Since, as far as I know, the TyTN II doesn't have any moving parts, it should do OK. Whether it will survive two or more years remains to be seen. My advise: Don't worry; enjoy the phone! :D -Bob-
  11. I'm looking for a compact (preferably vertical) leather pouch for my TyTN II that has a slot for an extra SIM card. Looked all over the web and can't seem to find a basic pouch. Most of the cases are too bulky for me. Any suggestions?
  12. rebecker

    Micro SD Card Dying?

    I now suspect that it's not an SD card problem afterall, but a software issue with Touch Commander! The only folder that disappeared (now 3 times!) has been the Touch Commander folder. I reinstalled the software to the main memory and discovered that even though my user name and password showed in the registration dialog, I had to redo the registration procedure before the new install would allow changes. Could it be possible that the designers of Touch Commander programmed in some sort of auto-destruct if the registration didn't take???? A nasty little time-consumer for the user; a 'Not registered" message would be much better. :D Anyone else using TC and seeing this issue? -Bob-
  13. rebecker

    Micro SD Card Dying?

    Thanks. I'll check it out. Mysteriously, the SAME folder has disappeared TWICE, forcing me to reinstall the same piece of software twice! So far, I haven't found any other data to be missing. Weird! -Bob-
  14. I've recently started having files disappear from my 4GB Micro SD card, including whole directories. Other than replacing the card, any suggestions??? Thanks. -Bob-
  15. rebecker

    Looking For FREE GPS Compass

    What HTC tool are you using? Other than QuickGPS, is there something I'm missing? Where in Guanacaste?? That's where I am.

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