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  1. James

    MoDaCo data breach: Full statement

    Woah... first time contact with Modaco for years, unfortunately under bad circumstances.
  2. Not been on here for a while :) just got the competition e-mail through :)
  3. James

    Newbie alert

    Welcome to all :)
  4. James

    Not been on for aaaaages

    Woah! Squall!!! :( howsit? Trishmac, thanks! ;)
  5. I kind of back with android :) I've bought my wife an desire HD and every now and again it disconnects itself from the home WiFi network and will only reconnect if I reset the device. Anyone with similar issues?
  6. James

    10K for £10k for Childhood Leukemia

    Donated too!! Hope you get 10k Paul!!!
  7. James

    Your web hosting provider?

    I've used a few but I suggest 'blue host'
  8. James

    Not been on for aaaaages

    Hi all, I've not been on-line for ages (8+ months) Looking to get back into the sceen... For those who don't know, I used to cook my own ROMs etc.. And be a mod but family and kids put a stop to that ;) Anyway, intonducing myself again to the new breed of WM fans!
  9. James

    Diamond Problems... Please Help!!!

    can you get into bootloader mode?
  10. what version are you trying to install? did you install it from tomtom home?
  11. are you using WMP to transfer the mp3's the the phone?
  12. James

    Finally, Full Flash for Phones!

    ahhh! sweet.. hope this helps the compatibilty issues!
  13. If the phone is not booting i guessing they ony thing you can do is a flash from bootloader or a HARD RESET Doing a hard reset will wipe all the info off your phone (like when you first flashed the last ROM you flashed)
  14. ok, let us know what happends! P.S. my name is James :/
  15. No suggestions from me for a fix :) did you install anything? Obviously sync your contacts etc before you Hard Reset <_<

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