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  1. Ah! alos, forgot to say! I am big fan of the Hitchcock Notification Icon! Simply love it! Great idea too !
  2. Very nice idea. Not a big fan of the autosync on schedule but the low signal apn off and autosync off is a great IMHO! Just installed it, tweeted it and I'll see how it goes as I am currently in the countryside with low 3G signal.. ;-) Cheers!
  3. 1) Compache is not enabled in stock kernel. In fact it's not even included. I patched the sources (it's not even in the vanilla kernel source tree v 2.6.29). and 2) The kernel should be ROM independent provided you merge it with the appropriate ramdisk to create the "right" boot.img 3) Thans freeasbeer for taking care of this ! I am definitely overloaded at work and my Hero still seems broken ! :-(
  4. teknologist

    MCR r21 Archive

    You are completely wrong. Default CPU governor in Android kernel is and has always been OnDemand. [EDIT] If you are not convinced, using any stock kernel (Hero, NexusOne, 1.5, 1.6, Froyo), type this: In fact what IntersectRaven does is what I did in TCK for MCR kernel series (Hero & N1) which is adding the conservative governor (no bundled in stock kernels) to be used together with setCPU when battery was under 40% or something else...
  5. teknologist

    MMS receiving

    It's no mystery, Problem occurs everywhere and for everyone a soon as the mms size is > 10Kb which is the case for 90% of MMS since they have images/Sound: here is the reason: E/RetrieveTransaction( 980): java.lang.NullPointerException E/RetrieveTransaction( 980): at java.io.ByteArrayInputStream.<init>(ByteArrayInputStream.java:62) E/RetrieveTransaction( 980): at com.google.android.mms.pdu.PduParser.<init>(PduParser.java:95) The PDUParser in the Android source code is broken for packets > 10Kb (at least seems to according to what I have been reading on the web, haven't had any time to see what happens at lin 95 of PDUParser.java) and it's a shame it is still the case in Froyo !! :-( We'll have to wait for the Froyo source to be released and some nice soul to patch it and recompile it... :-) Pretty sure cyanogen is going to fix it in his next CM6...Froyo based... HTC, targeting mass retail has fixed it in their ROMs. I don't even remember having this issue in my old HTC Hero with Sense UI...;-)
  6. New radio works great here. 3G (HSDPA) data link doesn't seem to be capped at all...I wonder if this thing about T-Mobile users being capped because of new Radio is real or just a urban legend.. ;-) On my NexusOne on Orange, I have DL: 3Mbps and UL: 2Mbps , moreless the same I had with old radios. (still using MCR r15 though...I only updated the radio) I don't imagine a radio built by Google/HTC that caps just a few users on a single network...I don't know what you guys think, but if it is really the case, that looks more fascist than everything android users have been complaining about Apple/iPhone/Steve Jobs lately !
  7. It's in the first post...If it doesn't show up make sure you are logged in and if it still doesn't, use another browser...(Didn't show up for me on safari, it did on Chromium)
  8. Is it me or this thing with JIT enabled flies ? Plus seems very stable so far ! (baked with JIT and A2SD+ on a Class6 Sandisk) Really it's über-fast and responsive with all same apps and widgets/launcher setup ! I really think i am not even gonna jump to Froyo that fast...gonna wait for some users to break their teeth on it before I install it.. ;-)
  9. Especially when the app is free too !!! ;-)
  10. Better than MCR1.8 + ERE36B radio, I don't know. I have good signal here, but it doesn't seem to drain my battery as bad as with the MCR1.8 adn ERE36B radio (as I reported earlier in this topic). The difference is that MCR 1.9 includes the new RIL lib (Radio Interface Library) from EPE54B so maybe they improved something there! ;-) Anyway, having a new RIL, I prefer, as per Paul's recommendations, to use the latest radio and again, and so far it doesn't seem to drain my battery as bad as it did in MCR < 1.9 ! Well I am just sharing my experience... With this techie things, you always need to keep an open mind! ;-)
  11. teknologist

    TCK 0.7 for CyanogenMod packages

    Check with OSMonitor fro high CPU usage processes...you might need to check from time to time...
  12. Or you can use the excellent "Locale" and its many plugins to completely customize your phone's behavior at night and in any other conditions you define! Truly magic if you ask me ! ;-)
  13. Yep the UV kernel is overrated in terms of battery saving ! I guess if it doers something it is only related to generating a bit less heat ! Lately seems Qualcomm (manufacturer of the snapdragon CPU) is modifying voltage to the lower values of UV kernels and Cyanogen is following too... I do completely agree, apart from the "geek factor" I haven't seen anything crazy regarding battery life ! :-) The battery usage reported by lmjabreu are completely in line with whatI have been reporting in the forums for a while now. Nevertheless as someone pointed out here, all depends also on the mobile network quality. Also it seems with MCR 1.9 (and the new RIL) battery usage is somewhat better with new radio (ERE36B) than it used to be before! :-)
  14. teknologist

    TCK 0.7 for CyanogenMod packages

    You should inspect the apps you have installed, there might be some app draining battery in an unusual way !
  15. teknologist

    TCK 0.7 for CyanogenMod packages

    If you want to save battery also go back to ERE27 radio. Check my post in mCR topic with graphs

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