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  1. Like stunno said, all that is over at XDA developers. The Theme he had on his phone was made by NisseDILLIGAF over at XDA, if you check out his thread you should find tons of different tweaks etc. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=419799
  2. See my reply in your other excactly the same post B)
  3. First you will have to install this app: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment...mp;d=1217092240 then you can use this page which features the themes of DjOuBhAa, that in my opinion creates the best themes for the diamond (see simply black, and space which are some of his newest, also the blazy theme) http://www.nectun.com/galerie.php?langue=f...;id_type_tel=13 There is also a number of themes on the XDA developers forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=441 Be adviced though themes does take an unreasonable amount of device space, but i think its worth it, just make sure you dont switch to often (you might eventually have to hard reset due to lack of rom space) Good luck:)
  4. It seems, after hard reset and re-aplying the theme i used last time, this used a whooping 15mb of device storage. what is worse, the program that applies the themes doesnt seem to delete the files, so if u install a new one it will further consume your device storage. Dont switch theme guys ;)
  5. I just did a hard reset, hopefully this will solve it, and if it dont i might get to collect some more info as to whats happening when ;) thank you for the replies guys:)
  6. I dont think it would be this.im using my workphone (HTC VOX) for those purposes. My PIM and CEmail is at 604K and224K so it's trivial. Regarding settings-->privacy data, i cant seem to find this option in settings somehow (seems kinda wierd i know) is it a folder in root accessed with explorer, or in the phone settings? I noticed the problem when i changed theme on the device from xda developers when my device space had been reduced from like 50mb? to under 20mb. now its like 12 mb so its steadily declining. This progress will eventually lead to a hard reset of the device, after which it will hopefully not start all over again. I have posted a thread in xda forum and asked if the themes makes this mess, but noone is replying to it.
  7. I got my diamond back from service almost a week agao, however it is nearing its capacity regarding space that is not on internal storage. I install all programs on internal storage, as well as put all my cab files there. However the device storage is filling up to the brim, and i cant identify why. all my temp folders are empty etc. Can anyone help me? maybe theres an app to clean up unnecesary files? Thanks!
  8. Just a tip for the future, if you manage to solve the problem. Dont clock your Vox up to over 256. after this it start getting sketchy with screen flimmering and such.
  9. good point XD many tables isnt really perfectly flat either, theres alot of possible reasons that could cause this, not only the phone itself.
  10. Have anyone checked that the phone itself is actually flat on the table? i would think probably not since it got the "diamond" backside, but then again, im waiting for my replacement phone so i cant check it.
  11. Battery Capacity: 1340 mAh Expansion Slots: microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, SDIO
  12. Im using Garmin Mobile XT. Works like a charm, also with screen rotation, and the maps doesnt take up very much space. Only problem is that mapsource doesnt show my device for map uploading purposes, but i managed to get the maps over by simply using a microSDHD card on my laptop, and from there i copied the map onto the garmin folder on my phone.
  13. And a MicroSD MicroSDHD ++ expansion slot as well... this cant be the pro? i hate releases like this, makes those who pay alot to get the phone as soon as possible feel bad about not waiting.
  14. I wonder why it doesnt work automatic? mine works flawlessly with automatic settings, and it has pinpoint accuracy. i took my phone fishing yesterday, and used garmin to adjust speed, and google satelite maps for location. it easily sensed my 2.1 knots speed (about 4 km/h). And google maps was amazingly accurate. GPS even works inside :D
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