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  1. Just had some really nasty stuff on my pc (rootkits and trojans mostly) and its left me wondering about my phone. Its a TytnII and started suffering from receiving texts but not being able to send them. I have downloaded a lot of 'freeware' and had some malware warnings from some of them. So how do I go about checking my phone? I tried the SpyBot mobile scanner, but whichever version I try it reports that my battery is almost flat (which it is not) and stops. Any advice welcome
  2. I changed nothing on the phone until after I was unable to get connect on the 3 network. It was confirmed to me by both the local 3 outlet, and the helpline (india) that only 3 handsets could now be used. I have written to 3 asking for my credit to be refunded - any bets? Changing the Phone>Band>Network Type to GSM instead of auto was the only way I could connect on the O2 network. I just changed it back to auto and voila it works. (edit - intially worked showing H as the 'connection type (?) but I have had to change it back to GSM as it lost contact with network again But the phone number change has worked, except the phone still thinks its number is the one that came with the new sim card
  3. So now I have had my old number transferred. But my phone still shows the old number in Settings>Phone. Will this change automatically after a while or do I have to do something? I have rebooted, removed battery and sim card but it still shows the newer number. But accepts calls on the old number.
  4. Update - yes I have been cut off by 3 because I am not using one of their payg handsets. Very helpful chap asked me if I would like to buy one B) Tried the phone with other network sim cards without luck and even left it with a local repairer without luck (and no charge). They changed the rom to one of Duttys, which I was not too happy about. So I thought I would use a rom for the O2 network as I had one of their sim cards. But I got inquisitive about why I could choose a network, which suggested the radio was working, but could not connect. The answer appears to be to select gsm manually rather than leaving it on auto. I'm now a happy O2 customer and hope this helps anyone else having a problem
  5. Whats £ mobiles? And if I have to go to another supplier of payg cards I can transfer my existing number? Can anyone else with a non 3 handset using payg confirm whether they have been cut off? Meanwhile I am appalled at the suggestion that 3 would simply cut off non 3 handsets. I have £13 of credit on that card. Ok not a big number, but that would mean they were stealing my credit and breaking the contract I have with them. Wish I was a lawyer :D
  6. Went over to Belguim/France a couple of weeks ago. My Tytn II worked fine and registered with a local service. Since I got back its been behaving loopy. Switched locale automatically a couple of times and thought it was in Windhoek (Namibia?) amongst others. Then I noticed the date had changed to 2050. Been ok for a week then suddenly I can't connect to the 3 Network. Phoned their helpline (India!) and was told they had upgraded their networks and PAYG sim cards will now only work with 3 handsets - which sounds like a load of bull Have shut down, removed sim card and battery, restarted with no luck. Checked registry and re checked settings with no luck. Have not hard reset yet - and don't really want to unless I really have to. Any ideas would be very welcome
  7. No I'm using IE. Had another go this morning, after changing a load of settings. It kept trying to connect to 3 even though I have 3g turned off. I had a word with their pc support and they said it was an open system and the prompt should be given when trying to access a web page. No joy. The message you cannot connect with your present settings came up each time I dismissed the dialling 3 message. Got home and immediately connected to my home W/Lan with no messages or problems
  8. Only the reception staff who run the place - but what do they know? I do know that if I used a laptop I would be prompted with a login box. So I'm wondering why I dont get that on the Tytn
  9. I use a Village Hotels gym a few times a week and they have a free WF for which they provide the username and password to members/guests. But when I try to use it I get a connection with no data transfer. Never get prompted for user/pass. Do I need to turn something on or is there a setting to tweak. Any help appreciated
  10. Found it I think. Its under system>Key Lock with 3 options: 1. Lock all buttons except power button 2. Lock buttons if device is locked 3. Do not lock buttons Dont understand the difference between 1 & 2. But 1 was selected originally. I tried the others and then went back to 1. Seems to be working now so I suppose it has to be set after a hard reset before it works - perhaps. Thanks anyway
  11. Iv'e just found that on the previous rom the settings>personal>buttons>"Lock" tab is missing. Is it there on this release as I'm getting annoyed to find I'm about to dial or voice dial after its been off in my pocket?
  12. Dont have that option. I'm using the TLR build. But thanks for the answer. Guess the rascal is hidden elsewhere
  13. Not sure if standby is the correct term, but when I power on with the power button from having the screen turned off, I often have a number of applications running including voice dial. It seems the various buttons and mic are active even if the screen is off, and then any button that is inadvertantly pressed is acted on when the power is back. Is this a possibility, and is there a way to turn that off, or is it more likely I am inadvertantly pressing more than one button when I turn it on?
  14. I'm using pTravelAlarm and it does all I want. Turns on with a click noise followed by whatever sound you choose to program it with. My favourite is 'Bong'. You can set up to 10 different different named alarm sets of any combination of days of the week. Also has sleep, countdown timers and hourly chime if you want it. Particularly like that the snooze button is bigger than the stop button. Random stab at the screen when it goes off usually gets an extra snooze for whatever snooze time you preset
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