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  1. Hey what I mean by letters carectors is say the post code is NW10 the letters NW cannot be put in the postcode only numbers I ned to known is they a way that when I add a contact that I can put letters and numbers in the postcode not just numbers. Thanks Gigino
  2. Hi I wonder if somebody can help me in resolving this problem that I have I need to put caracter letter in my postcode when I make a new contact by the contact application will only let me put numbers only does anybody known how to resolve this problem? Thanks Gigino
  3. Hello everyone, I've had to move from WM to Android andf this is my first Adroid phone that I have bought. I'm having a very big problem and I desperatly need some advice from anybody that can help me. I installed Navigon on my Dell Streak when I start using it I get a good GPS fix everything works ok then say after a few minute or even half an hour that its working the GPS stops work I get the red banner on the Navigon with GPS writing in the banner meaning no GPS but in the taskbar the GPS icon shows that it has a signal, but I known that it does not. I've even downloaded fron the Android Market GPS Test just to see how many satellites the phone has a fix on and its the same no fix nothing I can leave it for hours nothing. If I soft rest the pda what I mean I( remove the battery a reboot that the GPS starts working again but when I use any navigator because I've tried a few it happens again. I hard rest the pda so many time that I've lost count now but it always happen sometime it works great for a week with no problem but then for no reason it well start doing it again. Please someone help me I'm very desperate. The Dell Streak info are as follows: I have a 32Gb MicroSD Card fron Sandisk it is an Original Sandisk the firmware are: Firmware version: 2.1-update1 Baseband Version: GAUSB1A120621-EU Kernel Version: 2.6.29-perf OEM Version: GAUSB1A120621 Build Number: 8105 Thanks you for any help you can give me. Gigino
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