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  1. From the "Nexus 7 Hack Pack" at This thread at XDA Devs So looks like they've cracked FAT (doesn't mention Fat32) and read only NTFS. So getting there. :) Other features and drivers: - USB-Network-adapter(SMSC95XX, AX8817X) - USB Keyboard, Joystick - USB OTG - USB EHCI - SerialPort 8250 with console enabled - SWAP - CPUFREQ(performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, interactive and conservative) - Tegra: Dual3D, DualCpuClusters, PCIe, SATA - IPv6 - scsi-support - nearly all Special HID drivers are enabled(including Wiimote) - Ext2/3/4, JPD/2, Fuse, Fat, NTFS(but readonly) and NFS filesystems
  2. Usually here in the uk, you are tied into your contract for it's duration and if you leave have to pretty much pay them what you would have been charged over the remainder of the contract. There are som SIM-only deals that work month-month, but if you want a phone thrown in, most contracts are 24 months. To get an unlock code you have to had the phone for several onths (most ppl are saying 3) and it'll usually cost you about £20 to get the code.
  3. Surely whether they recommend it or not doesn't answer the question, what you do at your own risk with your device is up to you.
  4. This is my concern with the OSD all my previous phones have had replaceable batteries so if it went flat I could pop a spare in (also means you can pull it out if it crashes :) ). What are peoples experiences of the OSD so far?
  5. That's now upto 109.99 + 4.59 postage :(
  6. Thanks Neo re ICS. Unfortunately I have to use either Orange or TMo since there's pretty much no O2 signal here. I know prices aren't the best, but if there's no signal it doesn't matter how cheap it is :) It would also be an "Early Upgrade" for me so I don't have the bargaining chip of an upcoming ending contract.
  7. I'm in a similar situation, the SGs2 doesn't have NFC though, surely it would be better to get a device with the latest technologies in? Since in my case I'd likely be using the phone for the duration of a 24 month contract. By which time NFC might be in wider use? Is there an ICS update for the SGs2 coming too, we know the the OSD is getting one in the not too distant future.
  8. Yes I had one of those too, I believe it was a program called spv-services.exe or similar. It stopped work quite a while ago since it relied on a remote server to do the work, I think. Also since the OSF is able to generate it's own SIM unlock code via a simple app, I wonder if the OSD might work the same trick?
  9. I couldn't find it either, but I thought maybe that was because I'm using WM Standard without touch screen.
  10. I installed the cab on my StrTrk wm6.1 to see if it would work with WM Standard. When I ran it from the Windows folder I was presented with a full screen message: "We encountered a serious error which requires that you exit Windows Marketplace. If you can't log in after a few hour, please contact Microsoft for help." And all I have is an exit button. Once it quit back to the Windows folder though, I noticed it had created a new subfolder called Marketplace. In there was a single text file Clientlog0. Here are few snippets: Client UIE failed to get screen DPI, defaulting to 96 LiveIDFramework W Live ID credentials not present ServiceLib E UpdaterDialog: Failed to install .cab Maybe I need to install Windows Live messenger for it to work. But by the sound of it, it wouldn't be worth the hassle and most of the apps would be aimed at WM Professional anyway.
  11. Souns good but you have to create an account on their website just to download the trial.
  12. I don't understand it, says its compatible with WM 2003 "Phone Edition" which is non-touchscreen, but it isn't compatible WM6 Standard devices? What gives?
  13. I also don't need babysitting, I prefer to try out new software that interests me as it emerges (usually from xda-devs or similar). I don't want to have to wait till some tester at M$ say its ok to install and pay for that confirmation. I'm not scared of something going wrong with it, that's why I hsve one of the few paid-for programs I use is SpriteBackup. Edit: surely remote removal of software is against your right to choose to use that software? If it's still on your device for them to wipe it's probably not causing you any problems!
  14. Horrible virtual cursor on WM 6.1 Standard ,but that may just be because of the flat navigation buttons on my StrTrk keypad. Operas way of opening input boxes as full screen does help with entering usernames/passwords though, helps compensate for the small text (yes I know it's not a new feature).
  15. This is probably a dumb question but since the last Nokia I owned was the Matrix-style 7110 I have to ask. Is the synchronisation with Outlook (desktop not Exchange) any good? Back then there was just FoneSync which had a very clunky plugin for Outlook 2000. As HTC or anyone else seems unlikely or unwilling to make a WinMo phone with ordinary keys the E52 is looking very tempting.
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