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  1. I've got mine now. I'm NOT impressed with the lack of a stock T9 dialler, lack of removable storage or battery life. Otherwise it's a nice device, but I'm still not convinced it's enough of a step up from my Galaxy S2.
  2. Mine was using the stock locked ROM. I have since unlocked and rooted and achieved 34 hrs to 3% with bluetooth on! I can live with that.
  3. I've just rooted my N4. The bootloader was locked and I just could not get the drivers installed to unlock it...we are talking about 6/7 computer reboots and umpteen attempts on the handset, but once that was done it rooted using this program in less than a second. Thanks Paul.
  4. Hi All, I've had my N4 for 48 hrs now. I'm thinking the battery life is atrocious! My 4 month old Galaxy S2 lasts for at least 48 hrs but the N4 struggles to last a day (16-18 hrs) with very light use. It's set up exactly the same as the S2, with NFC off and the same apps running. Nothing unusual is showing in the battery monitor. Has anyone else experienced poor battery life or has any suggestions?
  5. My handset has shipped tonight. Delivery probably mid week then. Off to sell the S2 then!
  6. Samsung has had this for some time with the S2/3. Unfortunately unlike the US we don't seem to be embracing it. It is non-existent outside of London.
  7. I ordered my 4 on 5/12 with a 6 week estimate on dispatch. According to the latest shipping update (yesterday) it is due for dispatch by the evening of 28/1. Now, I am acutely aware that as time goes by; even in the space of a few weeks, that manufacturers will be falling over themselves to beat the spec of the 4. Bearing in mind that I still have 4 weeks to wait, is it worth waiting for the 4 or just a little longer for the latest spec handset to hit the market?
  8. I have the P (NFC) handset on O2 and flashed the LPH kernel. Odin reported that it had succeeded and displayed a pass, however after the initial boot screen with the triangle it goes dead. I've cleared out the cache etc via the CWM but it still won't boot. Any ideas? Is it possible to manually install the original ROM from the SD card? I've downloaded the XXLPH ROM but don't want to totally brick it. After 4 hours I'm getting fed up! The handset is brand new...doh! Edit: Flashed to the stock ROM and all is well, however tried the LPH ROM again and it does NOT work on my Kernel version: [email protected] #3
  9. Oh well, give it 3 weeks and I'll tell you if it's rip off or not!
  10. My wife dropped her (then) 2 week old G300 on it's edge and despite a protective case the screen cracked, it was still perfectly useable just ugly. I spotted a replacement screen on eBay recently for £20 delivered so thought I would give it a go. I couldn't find anything on a strip down using my goggle fu, so I thought I'd do one :wacko: This is a how to for stripping down the phone, not how to replace the screen as I failed- details soon! 1. Remove the back cover and battery. 2. Remove the 4 screws (torx) which are located at the ends of the white "bumpers"/end covers. One of mine had a white skin over it which was just lifter off. The various buttons are connected to the bumpers and don't fall out. 3. There are then 4 further screws (torx) in the grey case, one in each corner. 4a. Next prise apart the bottom grey part from the silver top part holding the screen glass. The connectors are of the clip together (one part over another) variety. BE CAREFUL- I wasn't and ripped off a connecting ribbon cable situated at top of the front silver cover as I prised the halves apart. It looks as though this ribbon cable CANNOT be disconnected so the two parts remain connected by this ribbon! DOH! 4b At the bottom of the half containing the screen is the circuit board containing the microphone. Remove the 3 screws (cross head). Be careful as the microphone wire remains attached (I didn't cock this bit up!) The circuit board is also plugged into the screen via a removable ribbon connector. 5. You will now be able to get between the silver face and the circuit board. From behind the glass push it firmly outwards. It is held on by a double sided sticky foam gasket. The gasket will rip and will need replacing. One was NOT provided with the screen. The rest is theoretical as I'd already made an unattractive paperweight out of the handset! 6. Obtain/made a new gasket, strip away old gasket and fit new screen. 7. Reverse strip down process to re-assemble. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't dream of attempting this again. I would keep it for parts and buy a new one. If you're very good at this sort of thing and can get or make bespoke gaskets etc then you should be okay. Hope this helps someone!
  11. Has now happened to me too. Appeared after a walk with the handset in my pocket. Not hot and not wet. Pressing the back with the battery off removed the "stain". If it keeps happening, it'll be going back.
  12. Just to say this very same issue has arisen on my G300 too, again with a 2 year old Belkin router. Changing the router settings to 2 weeks also seems to have worked for me. Strange, as all of my other (numerous) wi fi phones have all been rock steady on wi fi. Definitely a G300 issue of some description. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Completely missed the root explorer on ROM toolbox :blink: Files moved over and all is now working again. Many, MANY thanks to you all. :) Now please excuse me whilst I take myself outside for a talking to for playing about with ROM Toolbox without backing up :wacko:
  14. Thanks for the help, I've managed to locate and copy the files to SD card but "Root Explorer" won't copy them to the System file on the phone. Any root explorer recommendations?
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