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  1. hi all I have a htc tornado i have a wifi router in my house i use my wifi on my laptop.i have pc also in my house which does not have wifi connection on it so is there any way to use my Tornado's wifi to get connectivity on my Pc.Help required plese
  2. I have tried ur settings but it still not connecting it says check ur network coverage and try again before i use nokia 6670 and gprs is working fine on it but i this phone its still not working and what rom ur using or u have
  3. Hi all i want to ask about my sp5m that my gprs service provider does not have gprs settings for my handset and i tried to set it manualy but it does not connect so plese help me for configuring my phone for these are the manual settings given by the service provider plese help me for configure my phone correctly------- Setting Name- CelloneWest_wap Access Point Name- wapwest.cellone.in 9209 -proxy port Proxy IP Authentication Normal User Name Password Home Page http://wap.cellone.in plese help me thanks
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