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  1. Oh well easy come easy go. This is a shame but I would not say it is something worth getting too wound up about. Samsung are not really under any obligation to do this. The way I look at it it would have been a nice bonus had it happened but it does not really affect the use of the handset. It still does what it said it would do in the first place. Still would have been nice.... ;)
  2. wilson_pilson

    i320 charging via USB cable

  3. wilson_pilson

    The dreaded DUST!!

    I have two I600 phones and neither has any sign of dust. They are both Uk models. I wonder if this problem is with a particular batch from one market.
  4. Hello All I have recently upgraded to vista and am having problems with outlook sync through wmdc. I can connect to the phone ok and browse files without any problems. I can even sync my favorites from internet explorer . What I cant get is contacts email or anything else related to outlook. Anyone experienced something similar? I am baffled.
  5. wilson_pilson

    What happened to Word, Excel etc. in WM6?

    This is a devastating blow. Without this functionality the wm6 upgrade seems almost pointless to me. This is a real shame.
  6. wilson_pilson

    Battery indicator stays at 100%

    Within the task manager there is an option to display the battery life. This gives a much mor accurate reading. TO access this hold the home key and then once the taks manager opens press menu and then choose battery.
  7. wilson_pilson

    Can I take photo from the camera at the front ?

    No you can not. The fornt camera is only for 3g video calls as far as I am aware.
  8. Interesting Stuff. I was having a similar problem and this has helped a lot. :)

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