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  1. hotphil

    Armor 5

    So anyone else got an Armor 5? How you finding it? Mine arrives any day now and I'm excited to get on it.
  2. Well I got my i'm Watch now. Still 1.6 and still a beta product, but it seems OK.
  3. I've seen a lot of comments about the I'm Watch along the lines of "it's too OLD a version of Android". But I've yet to see anyone explain WHY a newer version of Android would be better... In this kind of device, which is largely just serving as a custom UI to display information from the connected device, what benefit would newer versions of Android give? Sure, if it was a phone, then the version would seem outdated, but can anyone explain why this device NEEDS a newer version? A lot of people seem to think the I'm Watch is a phone and then scoff at the "outdated" Android version. I'm not sure they even checked what product they were commenting on! Edit: I've just seen the comment at http://androidandme.com/2012/01/news/hands-on-with-im-watch-at-its-official-launch-at-ces/ which basically reinforces the point - this kind of device runs better/is more stable on 1.6. So, again, why do reviewers want to see it on a new version? For what specific features?
  4. Even at £25 I wouldn't be able to live with it. They might be trying to clear stock. If they make a newer model that actually works, I'm in - it's a great concept. Just very poorly implemented in this version.
  5. Yep, saw the update now announced at http://blogs.sonyericsson.com/products/201...pdate-now-live/ If anyone's using with a Wildfire I'd be interested in experiences now with recent updates to the phone and to the LiveView - might buy a LiveView again if it now works.
  6. Darn. I sent mine back yesterday for a refund - didn't think SE would fix. How's the update working for everyone else?
  7. I'd be very interested in your experience!
  8. Realistically, you've got 4 options: - put up with it (it's conceivably useful if you want to know the time around midnight each night) - wait for SE to release an update to resolve (bear in mind their track record on software updates) - wait for someone else to release some software to make it work - send it back
  9. This seemed to work for around an hour (or I imagined it). Gave up though and have asked for returns authorisation from retailer. Shame really. Have had 2 mails from SonyEricsson saying they're forwarding my comments to the right people - LiveView2 might be worth waiting for!
  10. I see the LiveView area's gone live - thanks Paul I've got various issues with mine when used with a Wildfire (have fed them back to SonyEricsson). Is anyone having much success with a LiveView? Have I just got a dud?
  11. I've had 12+ hours out the battery. Until it decides to just display the SonyEricsson logo continually and drain the battery totally. If you don't catch it doing that, it will die quickly.
  12. Good display, buttons feel OK but could be better. Can't remove micro-USB cover when it's clipped into the wearable strap which is a bit of a pain. Feels reasonably solid overall.
  13. To add to that, the "Notifications - Mark all as read" seems to simply cause the connection to drop (if it hasn't already), the vibrate doesn't work, the option to decline an incoming call doesn't work, it's selective on Calendar reminders (only shows the reminders I have for some sporting events) and the app frequently complains about not being able to access Twitter data (but is actually doing so). If there's no sign of all those fundamental flaws being resolved, mine's going back Monday. Nice idea, not ready for release.
  14. I'd just like to understand why the BT connection drops at least once an hour before I send it back B) Is it LiveView device, the app, or the phone (Wildfire)? Two things will make it a useful gadget - Email notifications and the music player functionality working.
  15. What's new for me is the ability to install some 2.1 apps I couldn't before. I might be imaging it but phone is more sluggish now than it was.
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