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  1. This doesn't work, this is the program's site: http://www.e-natives.com/
  2. Alternative download links for RC09 Core1: e-Natives Technology Root Certificate: http://www.filebox.ro/download.php?key=bfc...b33fb3199e2d110 RC09 e-Natives Technology Signed http://www.filebox.ro/download.php?key=0a9...94db6491263a7b7 RC09 Full (ZIP) http://www.filebox.ro/download.php?key=5b1...3189df0cedb477c or http://www.4shared.com/file/31979358/e0cf8...-RC09-FULL.html
  3. If you use RC08 version It haves an option In control panel -> general to run at startup, and also have a delay at startup option. P.S There is an updated version RC8-0711 that is only the smartoolkit executable. You can download from here: http://www.e-natives.com/download/id/42/Sm...7_EXE_Only.html
  4. New smarttoolkit 1.0.0 RC07 version release: The biggest update of SmartToolkit Interface with SmartToolkit RC07. RC07 Release is User Interface base release, this release is the first SmartToolkit version which support the full skinning. Read the Skin Development Manual for more information about how to create your own SmartToolkit Skins. Release File Packages: 1. SmartToolkit Main Program 2. White Phone (Skins) 3. Lowercase-English for RC07 (Languages) 4. Crystal Clear (Icon Set) 5. Sample Plugin (Plugins) 6. SmartToolkit Manual (Documentations) 7. Changelog (Documentations) 8. Language Development Note (Documentations) 9. Plugins Development Manual (Documentations) 10.Skins Development Manual (Documentations) How to Install: Copy file into your phone, and run the SmartToolkit-SP.cab to Install the SmartToolkit RC07. What's New: * Add Skins * Add 12 hours format for tray clock * Fix the keylock * Fix the joggr * Fix default skin coloring for WM2003 * Enchance the Interface. * Port the popup menu into system menu (explorer) * Add image alignment in plugins script * Fix plugins getparam download here: http://www.e-natives.com/download/id..._0_0_RC07.html
  5. This is the new site of program. You can find it here: http://www.smarttoolkit.mobi/
  6. The web page or smarttoolkit is up and running. For news, updates, suggestions or bug reporting go here: http://www.smarttoolkit.mobi/
  7. I informed the developer to look here for language files. For 151 string the same thing happens and with greek translation. I made a post for this but I didn't take an answer until now. I hope its gonna be fixed in next releases.
  8. First post updated with new version. --ombre33-- Can you update and post the German.lang file, so to post it in pxdxa ? NOTE: In string 148(not mentioned in istructions) is for the "Charset" translation.
  9. This you must tell to the developer. I don't know, maybe he will do it at a future version. If you want more info try the link that I posted above(post 9)
  10. My post there updated with the german language file. thanks.
  11. I haven't this problem. Try to download the prog from www.smarttoolkit.mobi cause maybe you use an uotdated version. The program is now in RC4b version. Infos you can find here: http://www.pxdxa.com/read.php?tid=50355
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