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  1. Rubbish Monkey

    plug in headfones n sound comes out of speakers

    Sounds like my problem only my phone is fine until i get a text message, then it starts to come out of the speaker and headphones.... until i turn the phone off then on then its fine, until i get another text. It is very annoying.
  2. Everytime I get an SMS, My C500 somehow suddenly decides to play my mp3s through the speaker as well as my headphones. It doesn't matter if the headphones are in when the SMS is recived or plugged in later (although that does affect the volume for some reason) - the results are still the same. When I turn the phone off then back on everything is back to normal, until I get another SMS, then I have to turn the phone off and on. Although it is saving me money because it is making me reluctant to reply to any texts, it is annoying because if I forget to do this everyone on the bus can hear me listening to my collection of Jason Donovan mp3s at full blast........ please HELP! Oh yeah, it seems to make my ringtones quieter too. edit> actually the whole phone volume goes quieter.. games ect. thank you for listening.
  3. Rubbish Monkey

    stuck on profile

    I found this page most useful : http://www.coolsmartphone.com/index.php?op...tid=58&Itemid=3 specifically the bit about the reg edit, which mended me phone when this happened to me.
  4. Rubbish Monkey

    Collection of Ring Tones

    Not so limited after all, it seems. Here are all the samples. salad_fingers_2_3_swf.zip
  5. Rubbish Monkey

    Collection of Ring Tones

    theres a salad fingers sound board here : http://www4.goyk.com/a68eax3e5d9/soundboar...d_fingers_2.swf My limited intelligence doesn't allow me to pinch the samples.
  6. Rubbish Monkey

    LCP - Little Computer People

    :shock: It was The Sims of the 80's, and probobly a huge reason why our electricity bills were huge becuase I didn't want to turn off the computer. I think a "Little Smartphone People" is a bad idea...... I'd never get anything done. :lol:
  7. Rubbish Monkey

    Championship Manager?

    memory would not be an issue, afterall there were a couple of versions on the old Amiga which in case you had forgotten had 512k of memory. ahhhhhh happy days
  8. Rubbish Monkey

    Alarm alarm alarm!!

    i'm sure I did one (its a bit hazy - too many tizers last night) Anyways, I just did another.....(well two in fact) and i think i found one. In a thread with the same name as this one!! :shock: :lol: Sorry for wasting time and space with this. :oops:
  9. is there a program that will allow me to set multiple alarms daily rather than one on the spv....ie 15 mins apart.? if not! make me one :wink: umm without a snooze/ button press i might add. my old Panasonic had a few alarm slots - which i miss by the way
  10. I paid £60 with the camera, case ect.....the phone itself does have a slightly scuffed screen, but that hasnt bothered me yet, as you can't see it unless the phone is off.
  11. Rubbish Monkey

    Post All Free Game Links Here Please :)

    Shouldn't that be lazy?? :wink:
  12. Rubbish Monkey

    What games do you want

    hmmm......a side ways scrollign game in the double dragon/final fight/ninja warriors vein (or splatterhouse) or even a boxing game....just had fond memories of final round then. or Ikari warriors :) I remember a game on the amstrad 464 called Druid which was a cool top down shooter thingy with spells, and a golum thingy. or some turn based two player games (pool) :wink: I see theres a MAME for pocket PC / P800 and digital camera mame!!! oh. just thought i'd pop the links up in case anyone wants a peek. Digital Cam mame P800/900 mame Pocket PC mame
  13. Rubbish Monkey


    ooh I'll have to give that un a go... Seems a good place as any, so, here is a selection of backgrounds that i have been using. (Im no good at this whole theme making lark - so if anyone makes one, i'll be waiting or should that be watching? :wink: ) my current weapon of choice.
  14. Rubbish Monkey

    Collection of Ring Tones

    Orbital - The Box and the music from Outrun my first, so be gentle with me..... (i did search in case its been done but nothing came up) TheBox.zip OutrunTheme.zip
  15. Rubbish Monkey


    I had a couple of thundercats wallpapers i made from a few screen caps. I can post em up once i get home from crappy work... if you 'd like to see them....(oh and once i get them on my webspace) One was the logo (red and black) Not too good quality mind you.

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