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  1. hmmmmmmm... napasilip lang...
  2. tagal ko nang di pumasok dito sa Forum... kanina pa ko ikot ng ikot!!! naligaw ako!!! :exclaim: anyways, mangangamusta lang... no more SAP :cry: they didn't replace my board... :cry:
  3. okie yung C500. gusto ko din nun! tsaka yung phone ng Sierra Wireless! Cool 8)
  4. @rodnav sadyang bumigay na lang talaga SAP mo... too bad :shock: @kap may sira yang 5110i mo... dalin mo BP, hehe 8) Peace Out! 8)
  5. @Tom Barnes just search the threads here... lots of useful stuffs!!! Peace Out! 8)
  6. @Tom Barnes if you want to use a new system font you will need to : 1. install this utility to your phone 2. copy the font file (e.g. xxx.ttf ) to Storagewindowsfonts 3. edit the registry HKLMSystemGDISYSFNT change the value "nm" from nina to your new font name 4. reboot You can look for fonts at your computer, stored in "C:WindowsFonts" (this is the path in any Windows Operating Systems. eg: 98, Me, XP, etc... where you can find fonts) Your Phone must be connected to your PC via ActiveSync to copy your selected font to your phone. Right-click selected font and select copy then browse/explore your phone using Windows Explorer and go to this directory "Storagewindowsfonts", Right-click then select paste... you should be done copying the font to your phone now. To edit the registry, "PHM Registry Editor" should be installed on your phone. just search google for PHM Registry editor for download. To install a .CAB file to your phone, copy the file to your phone first. it should be from your PC to your phone. copy it to "StorageWindowsStartMenuAccessories". You should be able to see the .CAB file from your phone at the accessories folder on your Menu. Select it and it will automatically install. edit the registry HKLMSystemGDISYSFNT change the value "nm" from nina to your new font name. Font Name is different from the font's file name. eg: Font Name "Bank Gothic Md BT", Font FileName "bankgoth.ttf" i use Microsoft Word to check for the fonts that look good, if i have selected the font for my phone, ex: "Bank Gothic Md BT", i will look for it at "C:WindowsFonts". the font's filename will be bankgoth.ttf. in editing the registry of your phone, replace Nina with "Font Name" and NOT with the font's file name. that should do it!!! i hope this helps... Enjoy! Peace Out! 8)
  7. @rodnav "the thing turns on then just switches off after a while" yung phone ko ayaw na talaga magpower-on... :cry: just wanna ask?? wala na warranty phone mo, no?!?! what if its under warranty kaya? would they replace it for free?? Peace Out! 8) Happy Holloween!!! :twisted: pano ba to pag tinagalog.... "Maligayang Undas!!!" ??? natanong ko lang naman... Piece Out! :twisted:
  8. hehe 8) it's getting too often reading your own name... pero i must admit, kagulo talaga utak ko dati jan!!! ikaw /you, ano masasabi mo? kelan nga uli bedey ni Master Rey? may gathering, eh... hehehe 8) Peace Out! 8)
  9. kahit ka wala pang star sikat ka rin... "sa Maligayang Kaarawan sa YOU /you " thread!!!! San ka pa?!? Peace Out! 8)
  10. @cass check mo to: mas sikat ka dito Peace Out! 8)
  11. @sweetyls Yep! got that from Butterfly Effect and from CSI Season 2 Episode 202 "Chaos Theory". Peborit ko na nga yun movie na yun... "Im not losing you again..." nakz?!!! Peace Out! 8)
  12. @coolangot kala mo lang yun... nakakagoyo!!! Peace Out!!!
  13. @pzee mukhang kung sino nagSPAMsa siya nasa hot seat... i've checked the thread... yun lang! nga pala... in-email ko na si xmint... yun lang ulet! thanx!
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