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  1. pupton

    Headset volume

    We're running the same setup now. Installed Franco kernel earlier coz I was looking at the thread on xda and there was a kernel mod to boost the volume. But having installed it, it looks like this feature has been pulled.
  2. pupton

    Headset volume

    Hi all Recently purchased a Nexus 4 and quickly realised there were problems with the battery. I installed the Matr1x kernel and that sorted the battery to a usable fashion. Now I'm looking to increase the volume of the headset. I was in the car today and took a call and the in ear voice through my headphones was pitiful. I've been through some of the free volume boosters but I'm having problems finding one comparable with my Nexus 4. Any pointers?
  3. pupton

    Bootloader 0.8 software 1.15.405.4 unroot

    Carphone Warehouse. Its unlocked and carrier free.
  4. Hi all. I rooted my desire a few months back and no cannot unroot it. All I want to do is to return the device to standard so that I can eBay it. Ive decided that Android is not for me. Any pointers would be appreciated and if anyone is after a Desire in good condition, please PM me. Realistic offers...
  5. pupton

    [HOWTO] Unroot your HTC Desire

    Hi all New to this thread... I rooted my desire a while back. Dunno what my boot loader version is but when I try to run the tools it says im on 1.15.405.4. I downloaded the required file to unroot but I keep getting error 140 bootloader version error. My desire is unbranded and unlocked. Please would someone kindly point me at the correct file to return it to stock. I want upgrade to 2.2 and the OTA upgrade is not working for me and Im assuming its coz im rooted?
  6. pupton

    Z-Push open sources Server Activesync

    Managed to get past one problem. I removed the http:// from the server address. That allowed me to download the contents of my mailbox. My problem is now that I cannot delete any emails. It also fails to mark messages as read in gmail so I suspect this product is still a work in progress :-(
  7. pupton

    Z-Push open sources Server Activesync

    Ive spent all day working on this. Got to the point where I get the expected error if I connect via a web browser. On my iphone I get it checking for email and it just sits there... It wont send email neither... F Y I I'm using gmail. To save any questions, I have got my gmail account imap enabled...
  8. pupton

    Are you going to use full xandros or tabbed??

    i ve been around the block a few times on this. Ive switched to XP, switched back to Xandros, gone to the advanced desktop and have now returned to easy mode. Ive added a few icons to suit my requirements like remote desktop and direct links to my own outlook web access and so on. For me, the eee is a portable internet enabled device so easy mode is fine...
  9. pupton

    Mini USB dongle

    excrement, keep us posted Paul
  10. pupton

    adding adittional ram

    no. im running Xandros and its fine. It wont see the extra 1gb unless the kernal us modified. For me its not a problem. the ram was so cheap and it means that when i run XP, all is good. It didn't make sense to only upgrade to 1gb because the 1gb modules are only a few £ cheaper... The eee is listed on crucial.com so maybe thats a good place to buy from if you are US based...
  11. pupton

    adding adittional ram

    Checkout the 2nd post in this thread. I have ordered the ram and can confirm it works a treat in my eee. For your info, the default installation if Xandros on the eee will only see 1gb of ram but if you are planning on playing with XP, Vista or Ubuntu then they will see 2gb and benefit from it...
  12. pupton

    sudo synaptic

    One of the downsides of easy mode is that icons are not added as part of the installation of applications. Head on over to 3eportal and download & install their launcher tools. You can use that application to add the icons to easy mode as required...
  13. pupton

    Mini USB dongle

    Ordered the ram you mentioned previously. Works a treat. im running Xandros at the moment, I find that Firefox on XP bogs down every so often and as i using the eee as an internet device, Xandros works fine. i would be interested to know if the nano bluetooth dongle works under Xandros. I dont really need bluetooth but it'll be a handy addition just in case. I use the wmwifirouter app on an HTC 3600 for portable internet access. Excelent combination with a Three 1gb £10 data connection...
  14. pupton

    Ghost image share

    Would it be possible to setup a share of ghost images so that those with ghost could try out other OS's on their eee. I'm not talking about ghost images of XP coz thats illegal. I'm talking about Linux based installations.... don't know about the legality of this though...
  15. pupton

    Well another Vista install done on a 4gig unit

    I'd like to see tiger running too. What would be very handy is a step by step install or a ghost image.... wishful thinking eh :-)

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