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  1. This one works better... Tuning System Wide Volume Level
  2. I hate Sense, but love having Bluetooth headphones back and my camera. Sticking with this until someone removes Sense from this one.
  3. Let the poor guy off the hook for Xmas and New Years. Nobody wants to do any work for two weeks.
  4. DSP Manager will only affect speakerphone, headphone or Bluetooth, not the front speaker. I usually set the EQ to Voice and loudness to Strongest. For all 3 settings. Listen to music while messing with the settings and you will hear the difference.
  5. I downloaded the same one from the post link and it did not install. Said it could not amend script file. The other flash able one I have causes boot loop and the apk one I have just not affect sound quality at all.
  6. Which one did you install? Link please. I installed the one i have and it does not change any sounds like it did on my Sense ROM. Edit: Sorry, hit reply before reading next page of newer posts.
  7. Umm, use a stock or stable ROM then. You can't expect an alpha ROM to be stable in any aspect.
  8. Mine is the opposite. My WiFi is killer, but cellular data takes a dump when using Market, Amazon App Store, K-9 Email.
  9. Put widget on one of your home screens. Plug in USB data cable. Tap widget on, it will highlight green. Wait for computer to recognize it. Boom done... Works for me every time.
  10. Wha? I know many people at work that use bluetooth headphones, and they are all ages. Since we work in a machine shop, headphone cords are out of the question for safety reasons. So don't make generalizations about features that are not important to you. Bluetooth A2DP is important to me.
  11. You can't yet. No hack for it, but I'm sure someone will figure it out soon.
  12. What is the easiest way to get a Logcat of my 3G data connection fail? I thought I saw a LogCat App on the android market..
  13. I found a new problem. When using K-9 Mail every email with pictures stalls out my data connection and makes it stop. When in WiFi K-9 works perfectly. Same thing happens in the Amazon App Store, when on 3G data, App store does not do anything, and kills my data connection. In WiFi mode Amazon App store works great. I tried the ICS Email client, and it loads all my emails perfectly with pictures on 3G data. How weird is that, how selective the data stream is. Also, it does not like Facebook thru the browser. Add Android market to the list of crashing my 3G, works Wifi only.
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