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  1. ok folks got a strange one for you, have got a car with built in bluetooth (seat leon copa se with integrated RNS 315 if it helps) and although i can pair my y300 to it fine and browse phonebook from stereo i cannot talk via it as a hands free, the stereo makes the call fine but to hear anyone i have to use phone and set speaker as source then it just becomes a speakerphone as if bluetooth isnt even their, anyone seen similar to this at all
  2. thanks for everything, man

  3. Hi Steven!

    I am struggling to extract the amss and the dsp1 files. I did use zip files but can't extract and flash. Can you help? The installation process you highlighted is fairly straightforward, but without extracting the those files I can't continue.

    Any tip or help will be appreciated.


  4. Ive had issues with samsung phones in past.. I had the orignal galaxy and samsung entirely drop ped support for it within months of its release and I dont think they ever released its kernel source either.. That put me off samsung devices entirely and as ive said the only samsung device id have now is the galaxy nexus as I dont trust samsung enough now
  5. Its possible your device cant handle overclocks properly
  6. The whole pen driven interface seems backwards to me. Why use tech from years ago on a new device. And since its samsung itll break, feel like a cheap toy and be unsupported within 3 months
  7. I can say with near 100% certainty I WILL NOT be getting a note...my opinion on samshite phones is pretty well known. Only samsung device I may be getting is the galaxy nexus as its supported more by google and not samjunk
  8. that has to be the most creative description ive heard of a donation :)
  9. GingerStreak 2.4.4 Release Post A FACTORY RESET IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALLOW THIS TO WORK CORRECTLY DUE TO THE NUMBER OF CHANGES, SO BACKUP IS RECOMMENDED This Release Version incorporates changes in the INSTALLATION PROCESS, please read the options available to you and the correct method of applying them before proceeding to flash the 2.4.4 Zip File! ( Disclaimer : As before, this ROM is heavily updated and still being developed at a fairly rapid pace. Bugs are listed below.) 1.0 > INSTALLATION CHANGES : With 2.4, several choices must be made before flashing the Zip file via StreakMod or Clockwork Recovery. These choices are made with very simple edits to a Text file ( explained in section 1.2 below ) Important Options Available ( other options are listed below in Section 1.1 ) - A.Launcher Option : Users may now select their default Launcher of choice before installation. The options available are LauncherPro, ADW, Stage UI and GingerBread Launcher. GingerBread launcher is installed by default if nothing is chosen. B.Pixel/LCD Density : Default LCD Density can be set during Installation. Values available for selection are : 120,140,180,200 and 240 DPI. also for densitys of 200 or higher a modifed contacts and phone app are installed to allow correct functionality C.Other Settings : Other settings available include - •us120/140/180/200/240 - (installs build.prop with USA related Region Settings and an LCD Density of 120140/180/200/240) •bios ( installs the Streak BIOS Bootanimation ) •noapps (this will install an absolute base system with no additional apps installed and the gingerbread launcher as the default launcher) 1.1 > INSTALLATION HOW TO A. You will need to create a text file on your Streak's MicroSD Card. The file can be created in your Text Editor of choice ( such as Notepad ). B.This file will be called 'install.txt' - Ensure that this is the exact syntax and that the file is saved with a '.txt' suffix. C.This file must be saved in the root of the sd card. E.Inside this text file, you may type each option that you select on a separate line. All the options available to you are listed below. Here is an example : adwlauncher bios[/code] That is it. You can save this text file as install.txt You will then boot into recovery ( StreakMod or Clockwork ) and begin the Zip file installation process as usual. ! The full list of Options available are as follows : [code]noapps - this will install an absolute base system with no additional apps installed and the gingerbread launcher as the default launcher adwlauncher - this installs adw launcher Launcher launcherpro - this installs launcherpro Launcher stageui - this installs dells Stage UI Launcher (the 1.6 version from 2.2.2 rather than the 1.5 from gb) density120 - sets lcd_density to 120 by default density140 - sets lcd_density to 140 by default density180 - sets lcd_density to 180 by default density200 - sets lcd_density to 200 by default density240 - sets lcd_density to 240 by default arabic - add arabic mod - will break gps us120 - installs build.prop with usa related region settings (LCD Density of 120) us140 - installs build.prop with usa related region settings (LCD Density of 140) us160 - installs build.prop with usa related region settings (LCD Density of 160) us180 - installs build.prop with usa related region settings (LCD Density of 180) us200 - installs build.prop with usa related region settings (LCD Density of 200) us240 - installs build.prop with usa related region settings (LCD Density of 240) bios - installs the Streak BIOS Bootanimation thanks to Fone_Fanatic and Frysee noswype - removes the preinstalled swype install to allow swype beta to work zeam - installs the zeam launcher, a free open source launcher designed to be small and fast. portrait - installs modified files for portrait lockscreen 2.0 > OVERVIEW/SUMMARY OF INSTALLATION PROCESS 1.Download GingerStreak-2.4.4.zip from the links below 2.Place Zip file into Root of SD Card 3.Make a text file and type in the options you would like to chose as shown above. 4.Save file under SDCard>install.txt 5.Boot into StreakMod or Clockwork Recovery 6.Select Update from Zip File > Select Zip File From SD Card > GingerStreak-2.4.4.Zip 7.Wait for installation. 8.First Boot may take longer than a normal boot. Things are being installed, stuff is being generated. Patience. 9.Enjoy. Most Recent Stable Version: v2.4.4 ----------------- Changelogs ----------------- changelog: added cifs support to kernel added reboot option to power menu hopefully fixed slow animation of crt anim updated system apps(gmail,market,facebook) fixed voice search FC Updated Busybox, SU Binary and Superuser app Fixed flash video crashes Removed twitter - Reinstall from Market Added advanced installer back - See below Fixed Alarm Crash #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */[/code] [b][size=3][color=#0000ff]Please if you can and are able to donate to help me upgrade my compile server in preperation for the imminent arrival of ICS :) - any amount will be highly appreciated[/color][/size][/b] [b][size=3][color=#0000ff]GBP Donate | USD Donate[/color][/size][/b] Rom Download Links: Primary Download Site: http://mirror2.strea...treak-2.4.4.zip YOU MUST FLASH THE BELOW BASEBAND AND DSP1 IMAGES TO ALLOW THIS BUILD TO WORK CORRECTLY!! Baseband File Download: Mirror 1: http://mirror2.strea...id.com/amss.mbn DSP1 File Download: Mirror 1: http://mirror2.strea...id.com/dsp1.mbn Quick How to for flashing the above files - assuming you already have fastboot setup and configures on your pc. 1. reboot your streak and hold the camera button down until you get a white screen, then hit the fastboot option in the top left corner. 2. connect to pc and wait for streak to show FASTBOOT_MODE 3. run the following commands to flash the baseband and dsp1 then reboot [code] fastboot -i 0x413c flash amss amss.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c flash dsp1 dsp1.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c reboot Please if you can and are able to donate to help me upgrade my compile server in preperation for the imminent arrival of ICS :) - any amount will be highly appreciated GBP Donate | USD Donate Thanks to: Everyone for suggesting things they want adding ALL the BETA testers who put up with multiple screwed up builds and multiple dell logo freezes to get this working, couldn of done it without you all everyone else for just jumping in and helping each other, thats the true community sprit that makes me do this sort of dev for android and not some other mobile os. everyone else who helped/is helping ALL THE TESTERS DESERVE HUGE THANKS FOR THEIR HELP EVERYONE !!
  10. that would be because i moved the site so people cant access it
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