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  1. Pidun14

    Mic problem poll

    Could you check if there is "ro.config.dualmic" entry in build.prop? There wasn't one in previous Infusion release, I added it but unfo it didn't work, still mic issues. This trick works for me on GB roms.
  2. Pidun14

    Mic problem poll

    This is the difference - in my case problem was permanent. Really hard to say if it was software related (that is my thought, but why only few users have this issues?) or hardware, but as switching off dual mic setting helped I do not bother any more. Plus after editing build.prop I do not have to do it manually after every restart. One more thing - when I had this issues with mic during phonecall it also used to affect the camera, recorded video sound level was very low, almost like no sound. Now it is all sorted.
  3. Pidun14

    Protective cases

    About 2 weeks ago I bought flip case for my G300: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221070187013?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Managed to buy before price went to over 11 quid, they were 6.99 pounds at the beginning. Good quality and look, firmly holds the phone, that is what I was looking for.
  4. Pidun14

    Mic problem poll

    Found the solution after downgrading from B927 and as others reported there is no dualmic segtting in engineering menu on B927 i did not try to upgrade atm.
  5. Pidun14

    Mic problem poll

    I had problem with mic using B882, B885, B888, B927 and presently B892. Problem is now solved after switching off dual mic setting and editing build.prop. Will see what will happen after official ICS update.
  6. Could you give more inf Could you give more info?
  7. Non of the updates fixed it for me.
  8. Forgot to mention that I'm on B892 at the moment. Found out, that each time I restart phone Dual Mic setting is "ON", so this is not perfect solution after all.
  9. Possibly I have a solution, at least it worked in my case so far. Reading other post on the forum I found out how to enter the engineering menu (dial * # * # 2846579 # * # *). So I did it, went to ProjectMenu -> Background setting -> Dual Mic Setting and turned it off (was "on" as default). First call and my wife says - you are on speaker, I can hear you very good. The thing is I was not on the speaker. Still mic level is higher when I switch to speaker. Will make few more calls, but looks like I do not have to return the phone any more. Try this and let know if it worked for you. Hope it helps. Could somebody who does not have mic issues kindly check his default Dual Mic Setting and post it here please?
  10. Pidun14

    B885 vendor update file

    This is exactly what I did before posting. The thing is that after installation I have clean GB, no voda software and no vendor update available. It allowed for online upgrade to B885 , but after upgrade situation is just the same. Today I upgraded to B892 from Huawei website marked as vodafone branded and still have non-branded GB. Not sure if this is important, but I was on B886, B894 and B927 before downgrading to B882. I do not have CWM, all operations were done using update.app. I was sure, that I could restore Vodafone stock using software from Huawei website, unfo I was so wrong.......
  11. Could somebody please share B885 vendor update (app) with voda bloatware? I have downloaded ROM from official Huawei site but there is no vendor file in the package. I'm about to return phone and would like to restore default ROM, unfo I'm missing this file. Thank you in advance.
  12. Could you recommend good app for video recording? It does not have to be free.
  13. Pidun14

    Notification bar

    In case of unbranded B888 vendor update does not flash any vodafone apps.
  14. Pidun14

    Notification bar

    And this is it, vendor update is that size.

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