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  1. Bah! Thanks for letting me know Mark.
  2. I'm looking for a media/audio player for my Touch Pro, that will handle 24 bit WAV files. So far WMP & Core Player do not like 24 bit, which is very unfortunate.
  3. I have an HTC Diamond that's always synched via a cradle whe I'm on the PC. I use My Mobile to use the phone and send texts from the PC and this is super handy but, I have to type really slow in order to spell things correctly, otherwise the message will end up as garbage (which of course it never is usually :lol:). Can this be done in a more efficient manner, via Outlook for example? Also does anyone know of a way I can take and make calls through the PC using a headset connected to the PC? Anyways help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Chris
  4. Cheers chucky. Can you name any others per chance?
  5. I came across a PPC utility/service some while ago which appeared to offer some form of network data compression, so that data usage isn't quite as expensive, but I cannot remember the name or find the bookmark I'm sure I stowed somewhere. It had its own page and everything and was recommended as a must have utility, somewhere. Does anyone use or know of something like this? Cheers! Chris
  6. Ok I've got this to work. I reinstalled Activesync however, I don't think this is what solved the issue. I tried the whole process again but also installed this (another app unlocker I beleive) just for good measure and rebooted the phone afterwards. I got exactly the same negative result. I then closed RUU & uspl_116_jockyw.bat, rebooted the phone and started up uspl_116_jockyw.bat again and this time when it comes to 'now start a MTTY session or RUU' I see the penguin on the phones screen, the phone closes down and I can complete the flash without errors. I had to do this twice, ie run uspl_116_jockyw.bat twice for each flash (of which there are two!). I hope you all have the same joy.
  7. I'm having the exact same issue with my E650, has anyone found a solution to this? I've tried this on 2 seperate machine (WinXp x86 & x64) and after re-installing Activesync 4.5.
  8. I'm using WinXp x86 and WinXp x64
  9. I'm trying to flash an Orange E650 with S710 firmware using this dedicated guide: http://www.mypageofmanythings.com/my-tips-...0-firmware.html Everything goes fine until I get to this step: 9. Unzip Vox-USPL-RUU.zip and run ROMUpdateUtility.exe. Click on Next twice. ...after clicking next twice I get this error message: ERROR [260] : Connection As a test I started the RomUpdateUtility without using uspl_116_jockyw.bat to see if I could get beyond the error. This worked fine but I have not proceeded any further during this stage. Can anyone help get past this error? I have tried this on two different machines already and the process pans out just the same. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. I found these: http://www.modaco.com/content/Smartphone-S...tphone-tracker/ http://www.modaco.com/content/Smartphone-S...-03-12-v0-9-2b/ I haven't tested any of them yet, but I'm hopeful!
  11. Yeah so I flashed with: HTC_Vox_ARA_1.27.415.4_4.1.13.47_02.98.90.exe The only problem I had was that I was too stupid to work out my input language was Arabic by default (chars just show as empty squares!), which took seconds to sort in the end thanks to a helpful chap at XDA dev forums. Apart from that my former E650 is now a faster, more reliable, less buggy and to my aged ears, louder than it was before. It's pretty much an S710 now which can't be bad. The keyboard switch is even quicker with less stutter in the sound. A word of advice to anyone doing the same - If your going to dump the ROM for safety, backup any local/user settings/files (texts for example) seperately as the ROM dump will not save these apparently.
  12. I desperately would like to flash my SPV E650 in favour of a better performing smertphone however, as Orange are useless and do not release updated ROM's (even though newer ROM's do exist) I'd like to try and flash the phone with the latest HTC ROM and configure Orange settings manually. I'm a little edgy about flashing the phone though, should I be able to obtain a relevant ROM, without first hearing of other peoples experiences doing this. Soo, has anyone tried this before? One problem that I have is that I cannot obtain an HTC ROM because I do not have an HTC phone and therefore cannot register my phone via HTC site, thus being able to obtain the required ROM. If anyone knows of a way that I can solve this problem I'd be interested in hearing from you. Asking for a ROM is not the purpose of this thread I must say, I'm more intersted in hearing about other peoples expereince along the same lines.
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