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  1. Alkali


    My friends. I just bought OP6T last week after giving away my Galaxy 8 phone away, I am seriously regretting because majority of my applications either refuses to open or freezes and I have to restart the device. I updated the software to the latest but to no avail. Please help me on how to fix this issue. Thanks very much.
  2. My dear friends, I have some dozens of SMS that i would love to save either over the cloud or in the memory card but i do not know how.Please help and thanks.
  3. I did nothing of the sort. I only move the bar to the right. I do not even understand what you are saying. Thanks very much.
  4. Dear members, I have this disturbing problem. I can set my iPhone 4 as Hotspot and connect Sgs3 without a hitch but not vice versa. When i switch ON Portable Wi-Fi my iPhone can see it but when i click on connect, it says CANNOT CONNECT.
  5. Dear friends, A simple Q in relation to ABOVE, is this device made in such a way to store everything in the main memory or is mine faulty? I notice that only music,pictures goes to the SD CARD.Thanks.
  6. Dear Members, I have been using Microsoft My Phone for my windows phone but the Application has been stopped and i wonder whether there is a way to transfer all my SMS to my Android phone or even my Computer?Thanks.
  7. Honorable Members, I want to part away with this phone, a friend is after me day and night but need to know when the next flagship coming for me to change.It can be HTC or any other brand Android phone.However, i need something that is truly pace setter.
  8. The best case is proporta mizu(check Amazon) it looks wonderful,protects well and added no bulk to the devise. On the other hand i use invisible shield for screen protection. They are all very good.
  9. Menu - settings - applications - manage applications -ALL - select the item you want to uninstall -then uninstall at the top.SIMPLE. But some programs are there by default and cannot be removed!
  10. Have received my new Machine but need these questions answered please: 1. Have been downloading tones of programs but how do i know whether they saved to memory card or phone memory.I need all to be in memory card. 2. I am using HTC SYNC 3.0 but though have selected bookmarks to sync with explorer, the bookmarks do not show in my desire. 3. I have my email accounts in my new phone but cannot see my folders in yahoo and hotmail as they are.
  11. Hi my friends, I am in trouble! I have by mistake deleted a very important sms in my phone but i have a copy in microsoft Myphone. What i am afraid of is if i synchronize i will automatically delete that in my microsoft myphone as well. How do avoid deleting all and recover that in the hd2?
  12. 1. Internet browsing 2. SMS & e mails 3. Telephony On top of that I am a very showy person. I like wonderful and beautiful looking devices but durable as well.
  13. Please help! I own Htc hd2 pocket pc and also iPhone 3G and I need to change one of them. I have virtually owned all the pocket pcs over the years starting from JASJAR and the like and am' plain tired of pocket pcs. I have never given a go at Blackberry and I may be missing something. I honestly need an advise OR would you rather I wait for windows 7?
  14. Dear honourable members I have been away for some time and since I consider this site to be my second home and you to be unseen brother and sisters, I need to inform you I have lost my dear brother recently. Though I may have posted in a wrong place, I hope you may understand.
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