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  1. xorangefirex

    HTC P3702 (Victor AKA Diamond) Gets Unboxed

    It really does look quite incredible. I had no problem with the original design (although I could see why some might), but this design is absolutely beautiful. Great work htc on a quick fix. ~Orange~
  2. xorangefirex

    The official HTC X7510 'Ask Paul' thread

    I really dont know what you could use the device for, but it could definitely have its uses. No doubt.
  3. It really does look nice, but I would definitely want someone to do the installation for me. Also I would want to know if the orange paint would ever come off b/c if I'm spending that kind of money I want it to last indefinitely. Also, it is anodized not adonized finish :D
  4. xorangefirex

    The official Celio REDFLY 'Ask Paul' thread

    It looks like a mid 90s attempt at a laptop. It really doesn't strike me as a high-tech piece of "must-have" technology. I think that is what companies should striving to create.
  5. It really looks smart and melds together really well. It sticks to its "stealth-like" design. Very nice indeed.
  6. I'm absolutely shocked and upset at the lack of screen rotation for all apps (especially text apps). I cannot believe they would both putting in the accelerometer purely for their UI and nothing else. It is indeed a great little device with quite a lot to off, but w/o full screen rotation for text apps it falls flat in the same area as the iPhone (though obviously not ALL the areas of the iPhone). Also, to be honest, I would have liked to see the 2mm thicker chassis with a microSDHC drive. I'm sure other would agree that this is a fine sacrifice to make, though of course not all would agree. In this capacity I think they were trying to match the iPhone's size at any cost. Any thoughts? Agree or disagree?
  7. xorangefirex

    The official i-mate 9502 'Ask Paul' thread

    The device really does not look very smart at all, hoever ther spec sheet will make anyone who bought the kaiser for $900USD be quite upset. Although it only had TV out and a VGA screen on the Kaiser, those are two high demand features and in combination make the device quite formidable
  8. xorangefirex

    The official HTC P6500 'Ask Paul' thread

    To be entirely honest it would be cool to have a fingerprint scanner, but it really is absolutely unnecessary. If they are similar to laptop scanners then it will work perfectly fine and perhaps Mysterious has had an incident with acid or was born without proper fingerprints. Stranger things have occurred.
  9. xorangefirex

    The official HTC P6500 'Ask Paul' thread

    That phone is absolutely massive. I had no idea of it's size while looking at its spec sheet a few months ago. I would also like to see a picture of you holding it up to your ear.
  10. xorangefirex

    UPDATE: Asus P750 VGA Becomes A Reality!

    Definitely something to look at. Hopefully this the beginning of WM phones w/ vga screens becoming more and more common.
  11. I really love the design. It could relaly add some fantastic possibilities for htc devices. It could create "shadow-like" sized mobiles with the same capeabilities as a kaiser. Fantastic. I beleive that it will see the "light of day"
  12. I am really hoping for a suretype keyboard on this little beauty. The shadow is a great option(and my intended backup phone), but you cannot beat a VGA touchscreen with GPS.
  13. I really cannot say much more than...I absolutely cannot wait for this beautiful little device. SE is long overdue for its break into the WM world. From what I have seen it is going to be one incredible break indeed.
  14. xorangefirex

    MWC 2008: Microsoft to acquire Danger

    This could be an incredible acquision for Microsoft as the main complaint is of user-friendliness and lack of "eye candy".
  15. Smaller in every dimension with the same features and then some...Incredible. *edit* accidentally quoted the pic along with it...

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