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  1. That's interesting, what do you mean by "entered PIN" and "skip PIN for windows"?
  2. I managed to solve the problem! Download "APN Manager" from market and set your APN there. That's all. You can back up the setting and restore next time.
  3. Thanks - but I wish to know if I can do that so reinstallation is simpler.
  4. Could anyone verify if this will work?
  5. DON'T plug in the charger or USB, that's the point.
  6. Here is my solution to the SOD issue and hope it helps. Don't install/boot/reboot android in the below conditions: - Charger connected - USB connected - Low battery I.e. if you always install/boot/reboot android when your battery is almost full and phone unplugged, you shouldn't run into this issue. Worked for me so far.
  7. ebook readers like aldiko and fbreader are fully working.
  8. Hi, I flashed the BETA2 several times but I always run into one problem. I'm not able to add the APN, though I'm able to make calls/send SMS. Once I add the APN and click on save, it goes back to the APN list screen and freezes there. I have to pull off the battery and reboot. And then the whole system is damaged and cannot connect to GSM network (with the error "The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly") - I had to reinstall it. Did anybody experience the same issue? Is there any problem to set APN automatically, which might work for my case? I'm from Singapore and was adding Singtel APNs. Tried both "internet" and "e-ideas" and neither is working. The beta2 is great but without 3G it's not too useful for me.
  9. Installed the latest Beta2 and I still have the timer-after-sleep issue. Any patch that I need to install?
  10. Still the best ROM that I've ever used!
  11. Just flashed. Best rom ever!
  12. Looking promising! Can someone post some screenshots please? I'm quite sick of all the small problems with 6.5 and wish to try 6.1 again.
  13. Hi, I just installed JI1 lite and it's quite nice. How do I get CHome installed? Tried a CHOME cab file but it doesn't work. Thanks.
  14. Also looking for a UL rom with no or minimal Samsung apps
  15. Have found the cause - surprisingly it's Opera 10!!! Apparently my screen rotates in every program in every direction once I have Opera running, even in the background. Once I exits it everything is back to normal. Now I have to think of an alternative browser...

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