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  1. I agree completely, I love the capabilities of WinMo but am sick of having to troubleshoot it as much as I use it. At this point I'd almost rather have just a normal featurephone.
  2. Why do I still have a Windows Mobile phone? Because I'm waiting for AT&T to get an Android phone I like. I can't wait to get off the buggy, crashy, freezing Windows Mobile hell that I'm on now. My HTC Advantage is great when it's doing what it's capable of, but there's far less of that and far more of the bad stuff lately.
  3. It's frustrating to look at all the cool WinMo hardware coming out and knowing that the OS they're running on makes them all near-fatally flawed considering how much you have to pay for them. WinMo7 can't come fast enough, and they might as well just bury the platform if it isn't fixed with that release.
  4. I have an Advantage X7501 running the standard WM6.0 build, and I'm getting frustrated by the loss of hours worth of unretrievable MMS and text messages when I have to soft reset. At about 3:50 pm today, Opera Mobile 9.5 hung the phone completely loading a page, so I had to soft reset. When it fired back up, the most recent text message I had was from 12:35 pm. Is there a way to force Outlook to permanently save more often? For new messages from my Gmail account it's not a big deal because I can still get them from there, but MMS and text messages are lost forever! Edit: Ha, I opened MemMaid to see if the System Tweaks had something about this, and the phone freezes again! Can't wait to see what was lost this time :D
  5. Installed it, had fun messing with the imagebot in the modaco room, but didn't feel like bothering with a program that was still broken (it randomly crashed on me 3 times in the hour or 2 that I was there; no error message, no warning, typing a message and it's gone). I'll stick with a OctroTalk :excl: (which, to be fair, is not a free app)
  6. I've had this same problem with my HTC Advantage since I got it, the only suggestion I got from Microsoft's help forum was to do a hard reboot :-/ Have you recently added any software?
  7. And I've always been on the more possibilities side, but I'm of the opinion that being as buggy as you are feature-filled shouldn't be a requirement. It's just a big cop out to not hold Microsoft responsible for the lack of refinement, and Apple has taken full advantage of the user-unfriendliness inherit in Windows Mobile by hinting at the same capabilities but doing them in a much more stable and user friendly package. Leaving it up to individual phone OEMs to make their own UI to force on top of WM6 is such an unwieldy solution, too. Oh well. Fingers crossed for Windows Mobile 7!
  8. How do the Standard devices do with video playback?
  9. As much as I like my HTC Advantage, it seems like at least once every day or so I'm sick and tired of the poor design and/or resource management in Windows Mobile. For instance, about 20 minutes ago I was syncing my data over USB while listening to a MWMP playlist on A2DP headsets. Pretty common for me to do, have done it plenty of times without any issue. All of a sudden, when I disconnect, the music stutters then stops. The device is sluggish. It takes 30-45 seconds for any tap or button press to register and display. I don't want to just reset it because, in my experience, it loses any recent changes to my mailboxes and I just synced my work email for the night. So I get to the today screen to use my task switcher that lets you close programs without opening them. MWMP has closed on its own, presumably because it tried to use too much RAM, but 4 apps are still open. They are using ~58% of the RAM, but the device is still extremely sluggish. Slowly close all of them (again, about 30 seconds between click and close), RAM usage is reduced to 55% but the device has not sped up at all. It takes another 3-4 minutes to open up the Running Programs list and see that it is empty as well. So at this point I have an unusable device with no reasonable explanation as to the cause, and with the only solution being one that generally loses data (and in the case of text messages, that data is basically lost forever). Oh, correction! I've had Running Programs open as I typed this, and in the 5-10 minutes it has taken, two applications just popped up on the list! Let's see what happens if I close them...this could take a little bit...if only the Stop All button would awaken...there it is! Finally. By the way, it's now 8:04 PM here, and the clock hasn't updated since 7:46. I don't have any special shells or home screens, and AFAIK the Advantage has as much RAM and as fast a processor as any other Windows Mobile device out there, so I doubt it's just device deficiency. I really don't see how people get by with 300 or 400 MHz, no (utilized) graphic chip and less RAM. Alright, been about 3 minutes since I've clicked Stop All...still no response... Ok, I'm officially giving up since it's now about 7 minutes since I clicked Stop All and there has been no response. So do you get my point? Yes they are awesome devices with great capabilities, but I cannot wait until Microsoft pulls their head out of their butt and makes a mobile OS that is lean and stable. I'm sick of the solution of just throwing more specs at the systems, because those specs are wasted on the bloated OS that is too fat to be fast (my WM2003SE Axim also runs at 624 MHz and can play back the same videos noticeably smoother than my Advantage) and too clumsy to reliably do all the things it promises. I want to sync with Outlook and OneNote, I want to have a large selection of robust apps available, I want to have strong MS Office compatibility, but I *hate* giving up basic functionality to get it. I hope Windows Mobile 7 is the answer to my problem (the APX2500 is calling my name), but unfortunately it's more likely that Android is. /end rant PS I did turn off AdBlock for Modaco, but when I saw the banner ad saying a young Middle Eastern woman is waiting for me to buy her as my wife, I turned it back on.
  10. Whenever I hook up my 6.0 Pro device to my work computer, it forces all new internet connections to go through the USB ActiveSync connection, including forcing the proxy settings onto my phone. This would be fine if I didn't have an unlimited data plan, or my office network didn't block stuff, but neither of those situations is true in my case. I want to force all requests from my phone to the internet to go through the cellular network, while ActiveSync is still doing it's PIM and file syncing thing over the USB. Is that possible? I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered before, but I didn't expect a search for "choose connection" to return any less than 5 gazillion results.
  11. I'm glad they've finally got chat-switching available, that was a deal breaker before, but I still put OctroTalk above Palringo because of the GMail chat archiving of all conversations and the proper support of Mobile vs Online status. While the other newer-to-the-genre features are nice, I find those two classic abilities more important.
  12. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to spend a weekend or two converting all my videos to a lower bitrate. Too bad WMP can't do it automatically like it's supposed to without erroring out halfway through the second vid every time.
  13. I'm guessing this is related to my Advantage having worse video playback performance than my old Axim X30 as well...
  14. It's kind of funny, I've been looking at a bunch of different IM apps to use on my Advantage over the last week and none of them have been good enough for me to use going forward, not even the pay ones, but for many different reasons. -palringo has no archiving (for non-palringo conversations) or switching -IM+ and Mundu have very poor landscape VGA support (IM+ shows only 4 lines of text in the message window and won't scroll menus, Mundu renders buttons partially or completely off screen or under another button) -Agile is way too expensive -Octrotalk would only connect to GoogleTalk and then want me to confirm every single contact I had on every service -ebuddy is still J2ME only for WinMo -fring worked great for a day (except for no copy/paste or link clicking), and then has refused to connect ever since Any other suggestions?
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