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  1. For latest few times of rom updates I am using wlm hotmail e-mail, The wlm is the latest version from ms marketplace. I can never preview hotmail E-mail from M2D mail tab. M2D mail tab only shows the E-mail title and then "Click to view message". Search google some other forum ppl said it need some tweak in M2D script, but not sure how. Is it a bug? Thx for your time!
  2. For Windows Mobile, wm6 wm6.5 A single .exe small ftp server for PPC. Easily transfer/dele files/folders via WIFI into your PPC. Just setup Admin/anonymous account and root path in Option manu, then ready to go. 1,connect your PPC to you home WIFI router (or any other TCP/IP connections), run the program. 2,Program will show your mobile's LAN IP (like 3,You can use windows explorer, or any ftp client to upload and download files in your mobile phone. this program also can be a gate to achieve remote->PPC, and PPC->PPC file management, Internet File sharing, blah blah blah http://no3w.com/thread-22-1-1.html
  3. Because it is a bug of this program. Normally, a sleeping phone will power up few devices of your PPC (cpu, memory card, sound chip, etc.) before show up the lock screen, this causes the delay, but save lots of battery during sleep. After running the gpskeepalive, the cpu of the ppc was always "on" in the background. It does bring faster screen show up time, but the chips drain battery all the time. a good timing program, use the system notification which is a sort of build-in "hardware alarm", wake up ppc's power at the certain time or event trigger, without keeping devices running behind. after ppc wake up, the cpu gets power and can start to take over the following commands.
  4. My 2nd post will not unload the common programs but some small tools. Few of them are modified by me to suit i900 All the tools are packed in to .cab for easy install/uninstall, and configrations for i900 are built into the .cab, most time you just install then it will go. For saving forum space, the .cab are high compressed, may take little longer time to install, but no affect to their functions. Read, Download, Enjoy ! 1, S2U2 1.52 for I900. (the ppl who asking for s2u2 password can be cracked by taskswitcher gave me this idea lol ) Only if you can swipe your finger up from bottom to active a build-in "Taskswitch" , and you dont like that "Taskswitch" much, you should install this S2U2. But if you dont meet these 2 requirements, plz dont install. This S2U2 will disable and replace the build-in taskswitcher. next time you can use your finger swiping to lock and unlock the ppc which is super cool. This latest version S2U2 can power off more devices than windows default power managerment(at least for i900, i did the research), which means sleep deeper and save more battery. Before install, better do a reboot, after reboot, install it asap. otherwise the build-in taskswitcher may reject you to replace her. After installation, plz Disable windows build-in lock from settings, including: Long press hang up lock&wake up automatic lock. If you dont do that, the system may be double locked in some cases and the two lock will lock each other B) After if uninstall this S2U2, the taskswitcher will come back. It is not permanent replacement. so dont worry you'll lost your taskswitcher. 2, a real handy task switcher, wkTask. Just look at the pic i uploaded, then you know what it is. makes the ppc's task bar like a pc's. install the .cab, reboot once, it will work. 1 process running behind, only 30kb memory is used. pre-configered for i900. it also gives each program a option whether click "X" to minimum or really shut the program. save memory and sometimes save power. 3, Default_FileDlgExt Some programs using windows build-in "files picking dialog", you can only open/save files in fixed places like "my documents", card root folder, etc . This tool will crack these, and let you browse file anywhere in your ppc with any program. 4, GpsGate is not uploaded because it is a cracked one. GpsGate is very very very important for i900 cuz i900's gps chip is a different standard one, the data it output have more noise and can't be well regnized by most GPS programs like tomtom etc. GpsGate is acting as a filter, it ll rebuild the data then transfer to navigator software. it is kind of "Must Have" program for i900. Consider buy it, remember set it into "close input when idle" for saving power. by the way, the GPS signal strength of i900 is very strong, one of the best, indoor locate easy, accurate and fast, full sky range stars connected.. but there are so many ppl misunderstanding it because they dont use some program like the gpsgate. If go without it, the i900's original GPS will run very slow, no stars, can't locate with few stars, jump here to there bla bla bla...... 5, RemoteDesktop it is a funny program for me, control my laptop over GPRS with ppc. get it if you like. 6, SMSDRFixWM5 With this, you can disable the SMS send notification but enable the delivered notification. The delivered notification will show contact name instead of only showing numbers, and you can set up a sound for the notification from setting- "Sounds & Notifications" ----you should know you sms being read or not 7, Wifi Router If you bring your laptop out, and want to use internet in urgen, this program will help. It runs as a standard NAT, using your mobile GPRS internet, and make your ppc into a wireless router. install it but dont run is ,set up a wifi " Device to device" connection from "settings->connecitons->wifi->add new" and just leave it there, run this program, then use your laptop search and connet to your ppc's wifi-hoc, then the laptop is online. 8, mGpsCmd a debug tool for GPS, keep it somewhere in case one day you need it. i use it when i climbing hills, it shows the altitude. 9,a black glossy theme for i900, made by me, fit the 240*400 screen in all aspects. take it if you like. unzip into "my document", and it is ready to use. don't change file name. Sometimes may need to pick it from"Today" few times then the title bar start to change color. No idea why, i built the .tsk following strict rules and checked many times... :P Ok that is all. Make sure the No.1,2,3,6,7,9 are migrating into main memory, otherwise they may not work. ================================================================================ ===== I upload the latest version GpsGate for PPC here, It Is Not A Cracked Version but the thing called "Express License" are everywhere over internet. If you feel it is helpful to you and you use it a lot, consider purchase a license. The only different from this one to official one is: official one will always showing a icon in task bar ,but this one will completely hide the icon,make the program working like a system driver, and all navigators software will just running perfectly like on other ppcs. Setting Tips: after install, Go through wizard and input and output will be defined automatically. Goto advanced tab click "start after soft reset" and "show more options", go to input tab make sure the "close input when idle" and "close input on power off" are checked(otherwise bettary will be drained day and night. if they are unable to change, close input port temporarily, after change them then open input port again). Goto output tab to remember the active output ports. The navigator software have to be set to use these output ports. Baud rate everywhere are always 4800. ================================================================================ =============== to wright8: lol sorry for the troubles. normally this program is easy to use, when i bring my laptop to school , i use only 10 sec to connect my laptop to internet through my i900. and no side affect for me. and also i used it on my old phone htc9100 for more than two yeas. but i remember some time before, it gave me some troubles. and also with more list in the wifi connection, ppc will get stuck with one of them and take really long time(more than 5 mins) to skip the unavaliable ones, it is WM system problem, and i usually use manual connect, cuz i have a huge list of wifi in my i900 (school, workplace, homewifi, router conn, and few public free one) my i900 always dont know which one to connect to... to lucavi: that bar is the battery indicator. means if you change the clock " always show in all program", when you in TODAY screen, you can read both battery and time, after you open any program, you will read the time from top as normall but the only way you can read battery is from that bar. this is a perfect sulution of knowing battery and time in all situation. if you dont like it, just long tab the up right corner, go to perferences setting, and disable it. to Lances, it is the official S2U2, i did nothing reverse engineering. Only things i did are , replace the taskswitch, and did a very carefull pre-set to disable some functions like "Caller ID" which are reported for giving some problems to I900 . So as i wrote, it is for i900 version, then i have to config it to make it as stable as possible for i900. If you insist to have the original S2U2, just click the "default" in the S2U2 settings, then everything will all go back to the official default. but it may not work as good as what i pre set up for you :( but anyway it wont kill you phone lol. S2U2_1.52_i900.cab Default_FileDlgExt_1.66.cab RemoteDesktop.cab SMSDRFixWM5.cab WkTaskL_1202.cab FullBlackGlossyi900.zip mGpsCmd.exe Wifi_Router.cab GpsGatePPC.HideIcon.cab
  5. I knew lots of people try to make SRS WOW work on Omnia, and also i collected many version of " SRS WOW for Omnia i900" but none of them works on latest rom. well there are a few people said it works but keep on causing other problems like screen flashing. I used SRS WOW for long time on my old HTC9100, and i had a happy life with it. After i get my new phone Omnia and update IA5 Rom from here i find out all versions of SRS WOW doesn't work including the "For Omnia Version" . This makes me very upset, and my upset usually lead to serious disasters..... i start to fix it. after few minutes research i find out a funny thing, the omnia already build-in a sound affect filter called R2VS with main program called R2VS_ARM_WM6_PRO_Driver.dll and export the amended sound data to a standard wm driver called zylonite_wavedev2.dll. Also i find out all the "SRS WOW for Omnia" i collected from forums the registry parts of OldDLL which is the data export of SRS plugin were setted to " R2VS" which is also a sound affect filter. all these will lead to SRS WOW driver refusing to work. SO i modify one of the .cab into the right registry setting , install it to my IA5 omnia i900, it works just great. i uploaded the attachment, download&install&enjoy. The program is safe to try because uninstallation is very complete. It will disable the build-in R2VS 3D sound affect(only if you modified your registry to active it b4:)) of your i900, but give you the SRS WOW Sound affect which is times better. I built this cab for myself, and it works perfect on latest IA5 rom, not sure the older rom have different sound drivers or not, so give some feedback. if the feedbacks are good, help to spray this cab to other forums letting more ppl enjoy it cuz i am not a forum lover you can see this may be my only post. WWE version Made in China lol ....dont download, wait for further test. find a screen wake up problem after idle. =================== Gorgeous Split Line ============================ 3 hrs time spent on files signiture things trying to find out a way to make the SRS WOW version 1.51 driver working on my baby i900 in order to solve the screen wake up problem. although the 1.51 driver seems hate omnia for some reason. Finally i make it! and i made a new .cab for the fixed drivers. The cab is based on SRS WOW 1.21 but has 1.51 version drivers loaded behind, which has no conflict with IA5 system anymore. ppl who down load my first version, please just uninstall it,reboot and reinstall this new one. I collect more than 20 differents "SRSWOW" .cabs over internet and my one is the only working on Omnia, so far. intr: 1, download the "Fixed" .cab and install. you better have IA5 rom or As NewAs Possible rom. i am not sure the very old roms have same sound driver and it is critical to this cab. but you can take a try, still go with good chance. 2, set your i900 into mouse mode- just in case if hardware confict happen to you, you will lost you control of buttons and touch screen( that is why it used to have waking up problem cuz all the buttons dont work) , but you still can use the mouse to uninstall this program (middle button always works), it is just a insurance, dont be scared B) lol 3, after installation, shut down the ppc,not reboot, i mean, long press the power or get out the battery or put it into water bla bla but dont just press the reset cuz it is not really reset the hardware of i900 but only reboot software system. 4, turn on the ppc, if you hear the samsung login sound, you nearly win. turn on and off the screen about 10 times, if you have no trouble with them, you win, you will never have any problem ( I did over 100 times on my IA5 rom i900 and i am happy) If on you rom you meet the screen refusing to turn on problem,just punch the reset, uninstall this software immediatly then do a shut down and turn on job (dont just press reset)then you'll be fine. the uninstall is checked by me, to be very complete and recover everything it did. after you win goto settings-system tab, you'll see the WOW HD SETTING icon. click it, set up as whatever you like. Best setting for this gloomy tone ppc is or close to: 80% 3D Effect 80% Center Effect 100% Focus Level 100% Definition Level 80% TruBass level 60Hz Speaker size input and output use defaut. The quality of music will rocket. b4 i never use i900 to listen mp3, but now it can be my EDC music player and i just copied hundreds of songs into it. the music sounds better than all my other pocket player. Wish you good luck. :( Plz read the introduction b4 you install. And no matter you win or fail, plz leave the feed back to let others know. If it works to most ppl, help me copy it to other forums cuz when i search online i knew massive i900 lovers are waiting for it. and i as a pc starter dont know much about other forums. Frucking hell, it still not perfect refer to the reply and i am doing further modifications. i believe it is getting closer. i am a motor mechanic good at fixing things lol. dont download if you can't accept that bug at moment. Thank to all of you giving the feedbacks. im just start to research how to make a shell to the driver .dll to make it use different memory, with different priority or delay its loading. hope i can finally solve the problem. =================== Gorgeous Split Line ============================ To all the friends who are waiting: things comes to be serious now. last night i read dozens of technical pages and totally master the "WinCE device driver", i know how they are loaded, how they were written. I rewrite the registry of the SRSWOW driver to give compatibility and set the power manage of this device to be always on( even ppc is sleep) , driver loaded well, but sleep to death problem still happen. then i read other few dozens of technical pages to learn how to manage ppc device power, i thought the "sleep to death" problem only happen on i900 so it must be one of the OEM driver's conflict, Original wm6 devices should be all right. I manually manage all the samsung's devices power supplies, keep them "power always on" when i900 is sleeping. but same problem still happened. so i add all the devices into the manage list, everything, including even the screen backlights, bluetooth, com ports, camera, usb port, flashlight bla bla, set all of them to be "always on" when ppc is sleep. what very interesting thing is, when i press the "Power button", the whole ppc will still work like nothing happen cuz all devices are kept to be power on. Ok then i install the "SRSWOW" and press the power button. Unbelieveable i can see the ppc screen became dead in abt 1sec, even without real sleeping!! The screen and all other things are still power on but no response to touching and pressing. so far i believe it is not the programs or drivers problem, combine with my earlier experience about "need to get out the battery to reset ppc, only reboot it wont restore" , i am pretty sure the srs wow hates i900's hardware,i mean one of the chips or devices on the phone's motherboard. plus there is nearly no way to reverse engineer a driver,to say the project is dead. i feel so awful to quit, but like some cars you can only send them to wreckers. nearly 15 hrs spent on all these things...and one day sick leave from work... ppl who insist to use WOW to listen music, just download the "fixed" attachment. you can install it and reboot before you listen, and uninstall after you finish. :P 15 hrs i reboot nearly 200 times, is there a world record thing? To ferrari85, the conflict is getting to hardware and i dont think software(s2u2) can solve it. But during my earlier debug i did find out a thing : if i change the power management profile once (what the settings you changed on s2u2 can be a good case too), then before next time rebooting, the ppc can be safe to turn on/off many times.... it is something really weired. Another thing i find out is, i900 have strange power supply design: everytime the system try to change power status ,for example from unattended(no touching to the phone) into suspend(sleep), the ppc will shut down the power to all the device for like 0.1 second, then use the profile settings in registry to turn back on some of the devices to maintain the function of a sleeping ppc. This also is considered to be a possible reason of the problem, but like i said, it is a hardware. SRS_WOW_Omnia_i900_only_By_Kyle.CAB SRS_WOW_Omnia_i900_only_By_KyleChen_fixed.CAB
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