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  1. The £5/mth from 3 also covers you for data roaming in Austria and Italy. Not sure if advertised, but was soooooo pleased when discovered it.
  2. Whilst I understand that you are after the 3-customised skype client, in which I'd be interested too, bog-standard skype should still work on 3 with a Kaiser. Been using with a pre-paid SIM on the 5/mth internet add-on for over a month now and never had any issues with it.
  3. Fring worked for a day or so and then gave up. Any attempt to restart produces "fing is not a valid Pocket PC application." message. Is yours working fine still? Thanks, Danny
  4. To calibrate I used the stylus, tapped with finger just to get it past the freezing stage. Yes, it did calibrate properly. No problems after.
  5. Had the same problem, tried in vain to tap with stylus. Thought was going mad. Tapped with finger and bingo!
  6. I've had SODs aplenty but don't remember running once the owner identification screen. Replacement unit from expansys on its way.
  7. Have used a BlueTreck ST1 for Skype and radio streaming all through WiFi with no probs.
  8. After a while've kept only Skype SJPhone Batti CamerAware (beta, but I've had problmes before installing this!) LiveSearch GoogleMaps YahooGo TomTom GPRS Monitor VXUtils Palringo Avantgo I've synch-ed in between SODs. I've just done a Clear Storage, in anticipation of posting it, so cannot give build numbers of above, but they were all latest versions (inc betas). In all fairness I could just install one app at a time and see when it breaks, but I sould not have to do that.
  9. Another SOD victim here. Got my TyTN II from eXpansys Saturday 22nd. Finaly sent a RMA request today. I've had days with 3+ SODs. I wanted to make sure that there was nothing to do with whatever free/share-ware I've put on it, but in the end I've concluded it must be a faulty unit. I've also experienced problems with the battery being worryingly hot. I've got a Mio A701 and an E-Ten M700 and never felt they were overheating, not even when running video over WiFi whilst in a Skype call . My Kaiser though got to 43C+ whilst charging with nothing more than WiFi and mail synching (on its back, on a hard, flat, wooden surface). Is it the way thinner back cover, or just way hotter? Or just mine? The other issue is battery life. Never got more than 6 hrs out of it, even when only used as phone, no WiFi, no GPRS, nothing. Looking forward to a replacement.
  10. Need to Synchronise them. Menu -> Tools -> Manage Folders, and tick all that you want brought onto PDA. By default only Inbox is on.
  11. For the lucky ones that have got thir hands onto one and not waiting for the T-Mo release ;) Does the Kaiser have one or two external antenna connectors? (cannot make it out from either pictures or specs) If only one, is that cellular or GPS? And type? MMCX/SMRN/SMB? Thanks, Danny
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