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  1. I ve owned a X2 one month and then I moved to SGS2 one week ago. SGS2 is much much much better in every aspect. Try to compare white vs black
  2. Installed fr7, new kernel and SQL mid and no freezes so far(10 minutes surfing flash sites)
  3. Downgraded to FR4 and works correctly :D
  4. Maybe placebo effect but now is fixed. I have installed flash player 10.2 from market and configured in stock browser the plugins to 'on demand'. I have tested it much time and I have activated flash for many pages and no problem so far
  5. Same here with fr7,please help
  6. i ve installed fr7 wiped and then installed everything from scratch and had several freezes. I had to quit the batery to reboot. Any idea ? Do you have the link to fr4?
  7. Hi. I ve installed this great rom but I can install market applications. It says...."Downloading application" but never starts. Any idea? Thanks
  8. How can I be root to install it? I tried z4root but doesnt work with latest ROM
  9. Same problem here (quadrant freezed at database writeI) with kingston 16GB class 2
  10. mmm, I think I see the same as before. Dont really know how a change in partitions could modify this behaviour. I guess the file build.prop is the one you ve to modify to see all the aps... Dani
  11. I ve installed this fix and all works very smooth. No problems with market. My system directory has 220 MB free. Thanks¡ Dani
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