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  1. Hi Phil, I have seen you posts they are quite educatif. keep on the good work. Would be interested about this HTC canary things more because I have one and never want to give up even though have other nice stuff. cheers.
  2. Seems there's no solution yet. wish me luck though. cheers. ;)
  3. Hi Paul. thanks it worked even on my spv c100 wm5. pls advise how i can flash a new rom without unlocking cid. cheers. Botik
  4. Q1. Is there any free solution to Rom REPLACE INTOs without superCID for Oxygen? Q2. Is there any free solution to SIM unlock this little device? It does not have to be 100% free, i would consider to donate to one who can help me with this. Would really apreciate your response. Cheers. ;) Botik
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