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  1. Just a quick note - it's been a while - but after sometime in the Sony Ericsson wilderness I'm now back in the WinMo fold with a Touch Diamond. Took a little bit of a flyer in that I didn't really know the Diamond would be fully compatible with my BMW Bluetooth - but it works great. TomTom installed now and everything is working great. Just waiting for my Brodit car cradle to arrive. Battery life could be better - but hey it's got windscreen wipers when it rains !!! Hopefully the dark side is behind me for good. Watch out for typical newbie type questions to follow................ feel free to ingnore them too B) B) B) (Apologies in advance !)
  2. Naargh - My Vario S/N isn't recognised..........!! (Not that it's worth the effort for that device anyway like)
  3. Any of you lucky guys have the means of testing the compatability of the Vario III with the bluetooth in a BMW? cheers in advance
  4. Paul - A long shot, but do you have any idea (or any way of testing) whether this new Vario variant is compatabile with bluetooth in a BMW.............??
  5. For me, devices without GPS just don't make it onto the radar
  6. Nuttzy - I've tried the JETware application and reckon it certainly did not improve performance any at all - keep the cash in yor pocket! As far as the bluetooth is concened, I reckon I may have been being a little impatient at times. Certainly, now, when I'm not desperately lookng for my PPC to pair as soon as I have turned the ignition on, I seem to be getting quite stable results. The performance is second to non what with the voice activation that is built in to the beamer too. I'd go as far as to say that 99% of the time, without any intervention, the ipaq pairs and synchs with my car perfectly well - not always instantly - but it gets there. Hope this helps.
  7. Good news guys - my PPC pairs and works very well with the BMW Bluetooth.............................when it feels like it that is. Honestly, when it does work it's brilliant, but there have been a one or two occasions so far when the device hasn't established the partnership. I'm yet to establish why, nor able to establish how to rectify it on the go. Shame really because it is simply great when it does work!
  8. Eveything about the Kaiser seems to be very positive...........but to make it the "killer" device we all deserve it will have to be able to uncover the mystery that is the disappearance of mobile modaco!!!!
  9. Has anyone encountered this BT error? My Bluetooth has been doing some funny things lately..........and now this !
  10. Blimey.......this thread is going to fast for me, I cannot keep up !!
  11. I'd be interested to know what the time to first fix is with say Tom Tom Navigator 6. Is there any GPS software installed that speeds this up ? Curious to know what version of Bluetoth Software is present also.............then again - test ROM might differ from production unit.
  12. I've just successfully paired my device with a BMW BT prepared 5 series - and made a call ! However, the software didn't appear to be able to "upload" (for want of a better expression) the contacts listing from my PPC to the car. When my car arrives, I'll be able to play at more length..............I'll post again if I have any more success, for those that are interested that is.
  13. That's an understatement mate! Orange broadband is an absolute pile!! Their email server in particular is absolute garbage. Their broadband service reflects their mobile cs of a year or so ago - when lots jumped to T-Mobile cos it too was rubbish.
  14. Car:Honda Accord Tourer Type S Extras: 17" Penta Alloys Mods: None Mods to come: None What I like about the car: Quick, versatile and good looking What I don't like about the car: A gas guzzler Previous car: Nissan X-Trail 2.2d Sport Next car: BMW 118d M-Sport in Le Mans Blue (being delivered to dealer 13th June 2007) - straight out of the box c/w BT Prep, Comfort, 18" Rims, USB & prof Radio, Sun protection Glass
  15. Have you any experience of the way it works Mono? Keen to find out before my new motor arrives. I've seen the Audi verison in operation in a friends A4 recently - it appears to work well.
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