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  1. the_matrixx

    Gmail icon?

    Does someone have a cab file for the new email account setup that came on the Shadow?
  2. i ordered mine Sunday and got it yesterday. haven't had it 24 hrs yet but i can already notice the improvement, and it didn't make the footprint as big as i thought it would.
  3. the_matrixx


    Thx. As usual right after I post a question I find the answer as well. It is the same for 6.1.
  4. the_matrixx


    I know there is a way to do it but I cannot find this anywhere. What is the registry setting to change the notifications area from dsiplaying every message type with a 0 to only show what messages there are and the other aren't visible? I thought it had something to do with icon count but I don't know.
  5. No it isn't true. You can use your school's wifi without being charged, unless your school charges.
  6. the_matrixx

    YouTube in PIE

    Ok, I've got one that has stumped me. When I use PIE to go to the mobile YouTube site, m.youtube.com, I get redirected to m.jp.youtube.com. If I use OperaMini it goes where it is supposed to, m.youtube.com. Anyone have idea how this happened or how I can fix it? It is really annoying. If it was a normal Windows OS I'd know where to look but I don't know where to begin here since I looked through the entire registry for youtube and didn't find anything. Help!!!!
  7. the_matrixx

    Battery Icon

    This one should be easy. Where in the registry can you modify whether or not the battery level/status is displayed on the top bar? I want to remove it.
  8. the_matrixx

    Colored Iconbar Plugin

    do you mean the one i started with the MSN Direct topic?
  9. the_matrixx

    Colored Iconbar Plugin

    i'm a little confused. i have sms/email notifications in this and i don't see how useful speakerphone would be since the plug in only works on the home screen so the only way you'd ever see it currently is if you went back to the home screen during a call.
  10. the_matrixx

    Colored Iconbar Plugin

    RinkuD - this is off topic but I don't recall where or if there is a topic in here about your my favs mod. i really like it and am glad someone could finish it. i made figured out the beginning pieces but then got stuck. the question i have is when do the notifications or how do they refresh? i have had a missed call and an unread text message for days now.
  11. the_matrixx

    WM 6.1 Files

    Ok, luckily I also have a MDA and Wing because I was able to get a WM 6.1 ROM for my MDA. It is ok but I'm not impressed with PIE...it isn't based off of Deepfish unless I can't figure out how to get to those features. I really like the threaded sms though. So here is my question. How might we be able to get at least the threaded SMS capability out of WM 6.1? I guess along with this is the question of does any know or themselves working on a ROM for the Shadow that is based on 6.1? Before anyone comments, I don't want to use a 3rd party app for the threaded SMS because I haven't found one that I think inegrates well.
  12. the_matrixx

    HTC Album works on the Shadow

    I've looked through every forum I can find on this. Is there a way to make it default to a certain directory instead of asking every time you open it?
  13. I have this same problem now. I tried what you said here and still nothing. I really don't want to reset my entire phone cuz it takes a little bit of time. Is there just some registry settings? Actually, the only thing that happens now is when I get an email it'll vibrate forever and the only way I can get it to stop is to restart.
  14. the_matrixx

    MSN Direct

    I did make a shortcut but you can only run it once. If you get out of it I haven't found a way to re-execute it. Nothing happens when you click on the shortcut a second time. That's why I am waiting for this from you.
  15. the_matrixx

    MSN Direct

    Is there any way I can get a copy of the file that you have MSN Direct working in? I really want to start using it. If need be you can email it...it'd really be appreciated.

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