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  1. Doesn't work on my bootloader locked, OTA updated Nexus 7 through Windows 7. Tried with and without N7 lockscreen.
  2. Let me get this straight, so having any root (perm/temp) doesn't get rid of the default apps, so the only way is to disable them -- beyond flashing a new rom? And is anyroot needed to use PackageManager? nevermind, anyroot is required. Disabling apps now. Thanks!
  3. Development is done for the HD2 (I use it as daily-beater now) -- alternate version compatible with O2 is a short stretch. But there's no GUI, and can't resolve how to monetize it since MarketPlace won't accept it with all the background hacking. My experience with donations hasn't been that great, so ...
  4. Well, going to have to eat these words. TMOUS HD2 actually has FPU-enabled kernel. Only issue is the float-point libs don't use it, but this project fixes that anyways.
  5. Okay, the MWIPS I've been testing on is more realistically in the ~35-50 MWIPS range. It is better than stock, but only about ~2.5x increase. Should be bigger impact on slower cpus such as s3c6410. The > 50.x version (I've been averaging ~80.x) is doing unsafe things that generally works on the faster Snapdragon, but will totally fail and hang the device once the CPU load goes up. Not fixable until MS releases a FPU-enabled OS kernel, but not ever happening because of Wimpy7s. Anyways, next step is GUI control panel.
  6. I'm do doubt GLBenchmark though having seen some of the quality of their resulting code, such as getting a default color buffer instead of one optimized for the device. Results in poor benchmark results in WM, but probably a AMD/Qualcomm driver bug. So SKTools benchmarks on TMOUS HD2: stock: Integer 796.2459 Moves/25 usec Floating Point 19.482 MWIPS vs fpu-enabled: Integer 794.8475 Moves/25 usec Floating Point 113.728 MWIPS ~ 5.8x improvement on Snapdragon's FPU performance. I do know square-roots are 36x faster. Great for 3D, if anybody was still programming for this platform.
  7. Once I get it onto the Marketplace ... Meantime, seems to work okay on the HD2 except for a kmode patching problem, but not much speed diff in GLBenchmark esp in FPU benchmark.
  8. Okay, so I didn't read ActivateDeviceEx() closely enough and the registry was not set quite right. Well, not stuck on this anymore.
  9. 1. Yes. 2. MS may have tightened up security which may be related to CF's hacking of Marketplace security. I'm not having issues related this yet except I can't start up the driver (nor any dummy one) and get error codes back that explains what's wrong, so far ...
  10. Thanks for the response. Actually, the driver isn't publicly released yet so you're just signing the .exe, not the actual dll. At least progress is being made on this project again after the fubar with Clove.
  11. Hm. interesting link. I've gotten: 158099 Firefox 3.6.3 535610 Chrome 5.0.375.17 414590 Opera 10.51 11616 Opera 10 in my HD2 (No FPU Enabling running yet, plugged into power) Flash is pretty cpu-sucking.
  12. So working on this on my TMOUS HD2, I'm stuck on loading the driver where it pops a dialog when trying to enable the device in TaskManager saying: "Device Load Error The operation completed successfully." I'm at loss because this driver in the same ABI form loaded up on the Acer M900 (which I no longer have) fine, so I can only guess that I need to sign it? Probably need to talk to ChainFire about this. Meantime, I'm still investigating, but the FPU comes enabled in the stock TMOUS HD2 rom. I'm not sure if the kernel is context switching the registers, but with the Snapdragon being so fast, I haven't gotten multiple-threads to tangle each other yet with the old tests. More on this later. ... Funny enough, I got permanently banned off howard forums by live_strong whom claims I made a racial slur by comparing the recent immigration bill in Arizona (USA) to be a facist as making Jews wear their stars of the time. Did I make a racial slur with those exact words? Moderator response thread.
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