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  1. Noonski

    ROM for a lady

    You are overrating establishment roms. :D
  2. Yeah i miss out on some his tweets sometimes. With the whole getting stuck in the snow, and receiving Nesus S (Lucky Bastardo, deserves some play time with his new toy). Just restored back from AdamG's Gingerbread port for desire. Was already better then Richard Trips first Ginger Ninja. So that might also be Paul's "Something else". Had hoped Paul would choose porting Z instead of HD (not that i use sense) but i can see other people totally going for landscape switching in sense. But any of the two is cool though, i'm only interested in the skins switching functionalities in those builds. So MCRR10 on 2.29 Rom. Desire HD Port & The undisclosed just started "Something Else/GingerBread" rumour :)
  3. I believe the intent of this thread was to speculate and find details of what might be in R10 and what it would be based on. Only thing that's for sure is that it will have the new market embedded.
  4. As in, when Paul says tomorrow, he's pretty darn sure that he's close to getting there. But with so much other Kitchen's going on it's logical if he chooses to delay R10 in favour of bugfixing a few other kitchens. There might be stuff going on there that might also affect the Desire's R10MCRWIP. Pushing a new R10WIP kitchen out will most probably get a lot more response then most other Device kitchen's. It would even be better to wait even more till over the weekend. Example: Paul put's new WIP online at Friday. Thread get's flooded during his weekend of. Paul needs to wade through redundant posts to be informed. Or Paul puts kitchen online in the beginning of the week, and can them keep a good eye out on the posts. I don't think that it's only an upgrade to 2.29. (Which I found to be a bit slower) He's also given hints at more Desire HD stuff he's been working on. And then there's a lot of other new stuff going on like all new kinds of A2SD scripts and such. Or the Notification Power Mod. And like the thread suggests << it might be a newer source build. But that's just speculating.
  5. I have just updated and uploaded a patched version of the latest LauncherPro "Brushed Metal" version to: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b6dtghpr9dhp...erPro-0.8.2.apk
  6. Have your Nandroid Backup ready the coming days. And give good Feedback when the time comes. I'm just very curious as to what he's brewing. If only we'd get some hints to make it even more exciting just waiting :)
  7. Sarcasm and bitterness versus logic and Paul's Statements.
  8. It wouldn't make much sense to have R10 be based on an unreleased leak. Paul did tease he was also working on a HD based kitchen, buty he never said that it would be r10. Unless he's adding new cool options :)
  9. I got the icons from http://launcherpro.droidicon.com/ You can change the Dock graphic in Launcher pro settings to the glass version to get the Brushed version. Only the widgets are part of the unlocked LP+
  10. Goodie i can skin Quicksettings and ad it next time B) Mucho gracias go to Quicksettings for allowing this.
  11. Nope, no important Update coming. I'm pretty content (and others to) with the Rom. It's Stable, and Fluid. Newer Builds after 2.10 have not really brought any big improvements. I could wip up a FF version in a few days, but my time has run out for this (my midweek) weekend. Sorry...
  12. Nah the screenshot is yellow because I did not adjust the gamma of the screen before taking the screenshot. :huh: I think I wrote that :D Lemme sho ya. Or You can adjust the Gamma to your liking. I took the yellowish screenshot right after clean test flashes without adjusting my gamma first with "Cailbrate Settings" from CM. It's included in NSA. And for the Black Ops fans, there's even a Nightvision Mode :huh:
  13. Update: Here's the Brushed Framework with finished Lock Screen. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w7yttf...rk.Brushed.zip
  14. Your probably up to snuff then, no need to flash this one. I'm now testing the exchange-ability of using only one UPD version for both regular and Brushed N.S.A. Versions. So I can now concentrate on the Brushed Framework the coming weeks. It boots now after flashing the regular N.S.A. Update and you sort of confirmed that with your different upgrade path :rolleyes: Life is good here and no one will have noticed the download being replaced with fixed Wifi :huh:
  15. Alrichtee, New UPDate here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dubj9lnzd693...0-11-16.UPD.zip And i suggest checking out the free Wave Live Wallpaper Lite out from the market. It goes well with the rest. Don't mind the Colour, I didn't set my screen calibration settings yet.
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