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  1. Launcher Pro lets you use the trackpad/trackball to move screens - could it be that?
  2. Another data point for you - the fastest i've got so far is 400k according to dslreports mobile test, thats even when it has an H on screen.
  3. :D When I ordered mine they added HSDPA to it as an option but I think I just got really lucky - I missed out on getting the free bump to HSDPA last time so I guess its my turn! Or maybe i'm paying £5 a month for it, not totally sure to be honest :D Only tried it at home so far where I quite often get no signal and its alternating between a "G" and an "H" (thats next to the kitchen window!) - speed test shows about 380k - had to up the file size because the mobile ones completed too quickly to measure but I doubt its really going HSDPA due to the signal here. I will try at work tomorrow, should be able to get a good signal and speed there.
  4. Does it come with a screen protector or should I start looking for one?
  5. I'll post when mine arrives and let you know what it seems to have. The t-mobile people don't seem very sure themselves whenever you speak to them about it.
  6. Thanks, I thought so. Actually £5 isnt that bad so I guess it will work out ok.
  7. I have a vario II already which while the handset is capable of HSDPA doesn't have it as I would have had to get the WnW Pro offering at the time (though I know some people managed to get it anyway). Now when I go to buy a Diamond the girl in the t-mobile shop says I will get HSDPA speeds automatically as long as the phone is capable of it :D The one I played with in the store had HSDPA on :D but I don't want to buy one and find it runs at the same speed as mine. Can someone who has got one clarify?
  8. I had a look on ebay for the same reason, seems they are selling at anything up to £200.
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