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  1. Yea its possible but the request doesn't necessarily go out to trip in particular. Its more of a request to anyone that might have an idea on how to implement. The point of a community right?
  2. As am I. I looked into the mod that is done with a sense rom and those files don't seem to change the functions of those buttons. I'm thinking it might be something in the source that needs to be changed? I dunno
  3. Does the One X just not support CRT animations? Its usually the first mod introduced but its surprisingly lacking in all roms
  4. When you say no restore what do you mean? No app restore or no titanium backup restore or both?
  5. I was getting this issue regularly until i kicked up the min freq to like 340MHz. It seems to have stopped.... so far at least
  6. Yea you will be ignored lol. I've requested that like 3x. I've been trying implement myself but I'm not sure where it lays
  7. Agreed with the 2D GPU Performance. When my screen rotates the screen turns off then turns. Still a great start!
  8. Any chance of getting CRT animations included or as an add on?
  9. I'd also like to mention that tablet mode works on this rom with no FCs. At least none that I saw. Just set the DPI to 192
  10. Data is working for me as well. I would still love to see some way to get the multitasking button back but I think i'm alone in that idea... lol
  11. Can you throw in a Long press Home for menu and leave the multitasking button as the multitasking button.
  12. Still no chance of the menu being remapped to home button long press?
  13. Are you running default DPI? Have you tried out tablet mode? I'm not a fan of it but it seemed like a lot of people loved that. I'm going to flash once the camera is fixed.
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