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  1. Even when I delete my Exchange profile, I still cannot disable the PIN Lock.
  2. When I installed the MSFP/AKU2 upgrade on my SP5 over the weekend then tried to connect to my Exchange server for the first time, it enforced a mandatory security policy of having my device automatically lock out every hour (and must be unlocked with a PIN at the very least). I find this terribly annoying! When I go into the security control panel, I cannot uncheck "Prompt if device unused for". Is there a hack to remove this security restriction?
  3. Ack! So annoying! If I have my BT headset nearby, there's no way to silence my phone if I'm in an unscheduled meeting or just don't want to hear any noises from the device. Is this a bug with the i-Mate SP5? I am forced to disconnect my headset and then it goes into whatever non-headet mode I was previously using. Thoughts?
  4. Well the issue is that on a Compal AR-11 (dev kit phone) or any number of future smartphones where in idle mode the screen is brought to low-res mode, that alpha effect no longer works and all you can see is a white (same color as all other indicators) mail notification. Perhaps you can just remove it, despite it looking cool when the screen is in full-res?
  5. Hrmmm . . . maybe a bug? Despite having 0 unreads SMS/vMail/e-mail, I see the little new mail icon in the lower left-hand corner of my screen. How do I fix this?
  6. I did that and now when I hit "Connect" nothing happens :)
  7. +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet2.voicestream.com”,””,0,0 ... too long for Connection Manager!! :)
  8. What about us T-Mobile users? Our APN won't fit in the space you indicate for orangeinternet. Any ideas?
  9. So you can use your Smartphone as a modem for a desktop or laptop, but my question is can you do the same for a Pocket PC and get online on the Pocket PC via IRDA? _________________________________ Jared Miniman, MS-MVP Mobile Devices [email protected] http://www.jaredminiman.org
  10. I only want the last day's IMAP messages to appear, but they don't seem to be disappearing from my Inbox several days after I downloaded them. How do I get them to vanish? I have "Get Today's Messages" set in IMAP4 options. If I delete the items from my local Inbox, will it delete them from the server? I don't want messages to be deleted from server. _________________________________ Jared Miniman, MS-MVP Mobile Devices [email protected] http://www.jaredminiman.org
  11. Okay, so now that I'm a SP junkie, I need access to AOL Instant Messenger! I'm not too satisfied with shelling out $20 for access via Jabber network. Any rumors from AOL about their porting to SP? _________________________________ Jared Miniman, MS-MVP Mobile Devices [email protected] http://www.jaredminiman.org
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