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  1. btw on the network locking that the new windows mobile 6.1 upgrade on the blackjack II put read this article http://www.mobilejaw.com/articles/2008/06/...ile-61-devices/
  2. I have upgraded my blackjack II using the windows mobile 6.1, gps acquisition is amazing, I used gpstest and within 5 seconds my blackjack found satelites and is already able to get my position. Now I dont know if I did anything wrong, but i had to install modaco com4 fix before gpstest, gps utils, and gpsdash would work. google maps, and garmin worked perfect without the fix. I am impressed with how fast this gps acquisition is. I have alot of sweet programs on my phone I need to mess with this phone again and see what it can do. I like the new look its nice. I am going to upload a video to youtube with how fast the phone acquires a gps signal its absolutely amazing fastest ive ever seen. I am not a new blackjack II owner ive had it since day 1 and I still have my original blackjack. Before the blackjack II at least mine took 5 minutes to get a signal. and usually by the time i was home it would get the signal which was funny and made me look stupid to taxis lol. Now I can pull the phone out and get a signal in seconds and be able to route my path for the taxis that pick me up.
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