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  1. Yeah, it was correct to begin with. Just for kicks, I changed it to EST (instead of CST) and back to CST, still brought me back to where I was. Thanks for the response!
  2. Hi all, First, the background information in case this makes a difference: T-Mobile Wing (AKA HTC Atlas, if I remember correctly) Windows Mobile 6 Professional, which I flashed myself. I don't remember the exact details of what I used, but looking at the "about" section on the phone it says it's running CE 5.2.1235 (Build 17740.0.2.0). I remember putting the daylight savings time update in a while back at one point, and it did update the time when it should. Now, my problem: my calendar times are all skewed. Most of what I have are recurring appointments, and everything is set an hour after it should be (ie, my 8:00-9:50 class shows 9:00-10:50). Originally, I was going to set everything back an hour, but I opened one of my appointments to edit it, and it was still set to 8:00-9:50 there. Now I'm a little stuck, to say the least. Is there any fix for this? I'd prefer not to flash my phone again if possible, since I'm on a Mac and ActiveSync doesn't exist (grrrr) so anything involving a USB cable is difficult. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! Brian
  3. Hi all, I got as far as installing the .cab file, but when I tried to do that my phone gave me an error saying that the installation was unsuccessful. Any ideas? I flashed the ROM using these instructions and accompanying files: http://tech.bryandavis.net/content.asp?act...rm&id=99616 Thanks, spongebue
  4. Hi all, I'm working on getting A2DP working on my T-Mobile SDA, and need to upgrade the ROM to AKU2. I'm planning on following these instructions for the ROM flash: http://tech.bryandavis.net/content.asp?act...rm&id=99616. I haven't done anything like this on a phone before, and it's a new phone (at least, for me it is) so needless to say I'm a little bit nervous. I was wondering, is it possible to backup the current ROM? Also, what exactly would be missing after I upgrade? I know the guide said it would wipe all of my T-Mobile branded features, but I'm a little bit of a newbie with this stuff and don't want to lose anything too crucial. I'm fairly confident in my ability to do the actual flash, but I'm worried about making any irreversible changes. Any help is appreciated. I'm also usually available on AIM, though that may depend on whether or not I'm working and how busy I am if so. My screenname is the same as my username here. Thanks much, spongebue
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