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  1. I am desperate for a WM6 profile scheduler, similar to CTScheduler but WM6 compatible. I want to be able to let my kaiser change profiles at certain times of the day, vibrate, ring and silent. Might be nice for it to change depending on location too. Anyone know any out there that work on the kaiser?
  2. It's a shame WM6, like previous versions, needs so many tweaks and 3rd party software to make it usable :D I remember getting WM2003 on my iPaq and thinking, wow this is pretty damn bare. Then I spent a small fortune buying software for it! I think a lot of it is down to the operating system and down to how good the software different manufacturers create support the main operating system.
  3. When I got my Kaiser I felt it was the most state of the art phone available. It was bang up to date, packed with technology and gadgets and even looked pretty cool! Is it just me or since the release of all these new HTC Touch handsets (diamond in particular) and the Apple iPhone 2.0 the Kaiser is suddenly out of date, nasty looking, clumsy, bulky and slow in comparison? I'm stuck on an 18 month contract with a Vario III and I'm absolutely gutted. The only thing the Kaiser has over any of these is the slide out keyboard, and that is a flop in my opinion. Dodgey keys sometimes, awkward to use etc. I prefer using the ZoomBoard on screen most of the time! Only another 10 months to wait till I upgrade!!! Yippee!!!
  4. My keyboard has gradually gotten worse since November when I got my Vario III. The T key is especially bad. I think it's a dust built. As I'm on an 18 month contract I'm considering buying a whole new fascia and keyboard kit from ebay for £40 and a new screen for £20 and getting it back into tip top condition. Lots of money but I failed to find a screen cover I liked before scratching the screen, now it's pointless. I had a similar issue on my old iPaq HX4700. Could never settle on a screen protector until too late. Some of them are so crap! Anyway back to the keyboard.... I think in some handsets its dust build up. Never had time to 'reverse engineer' my Vario III yet so will report back if I successfully clean that bad boy out!
  5. I hear what ya after but I gave up on any such thing. All I use now is FunContact and have all my regular people in favourites. It looks great and you can browse through contacts with a flick of your finger, none of this stylus nonsense. Couple it with zoomboard and you have a better than outlook contacts manager in my opinion. Can't help on the category side of things :D
  6. Bluetooth in the car is amazing. I have a Pioneer bluetooth compatible car stereo. When I sit in the car it automatically connects to the car stereo and any calls I get come through my car speakers and my car radio changes to phone mode from CD, iPod or Tuner. The stereo itself has start and end call buttons so you dont even have to take your phone out of your pocket. When I get out of the car the bluetooth disconnects and goes through the phone again. It's a really brilliant set up. I would really recommend getting a bluetooth car radio if possible as your phone is fully integrated into your car.
  7. I can't seem to connect to any messenger services from Web N Walk. None of the multi IM softwares for wm6 will connect :D Anyone else havingt his problem? Are messengers blocked by T-Mobile?
  8. Check if since moving you now have a different ISP or Firewall. Both could be preventing the synch over the internet. If all this changed then some records for your domain may not have been changed and could be causing problems. This is only if you sync via the internet. Personally I use a hosted exchange service at the moment. What type of server do you have? Small Business or standard?
  9. Dropped my Vario III about 5 times. Worst two were two weeks ago when I was drunk after being to the footy. Left a nice big chunk of a scar out of the bottom right under the OK button on the front corner. 2nd drop was at the checkout in Morrisons when my other half was calling me. I again dropped it while taking it out of my pocket and hit the hard floor and exploded. Luckily only the chunk and scratches on the surround and a lug or two snapped off from the rear cover. I gave in on using a screen protector not long after I got it as I just couldnt apply one without having dust or something under it. It took me a year to finally apply one perfectly to my old HP HX4700 and that was a much bigger screen. I have 2 light scratches on the screen that I hardlys notice. Going to buy an HTC Kaiser housing kit from ebay I think. I have the HTC Rom so I might as well go the whole hog and save the Vario III casing incase it needs to go back under warranty or insurance. Oh and the metal surround at the top of the screen has a dent in it next to the screen, pushing down on the screen too I think, so I need to replace the housing ASAP. Anyone know where I can find instructions online? I want to replace the housing but worried it could be too difficult. Obviously the rear is easy, the front fascia looks more difficult and I don't need to replace the keyboard at all. Can you buy screens? ...By the way, you swear and cry when you drop it the first time. After that you're carefree :D
  10. Actually, I think it is charging! As I had the thing on all day and then picked it up to go home and it was at 96% power. I think that the battery charging icon is not working on the phone. I was used to that being on when the thing was charging from USB. Skype still don't work though :D
  11. Thanks but when I went to that setting the box for DO NOT CHARGE BATTERY WHEN CONNECTED TO THE PC is already unchecked. This is bizzare and I totally rely on USB charging from my PC at work! Argh.
  12. I like the threaded SMS idea BUT it keeps auto trying to complete works in a really annoying way when I am using the hardware keyboard on my Vario III. I have gone into the keyboard settings and turned all the auto stuff off but it persists! It's so annoying, I can't type anything because it keeps changing what I type. I would prefer to keep the threaded SMS idea but get rid of this awful auto complete thing.
  13. I think I posted this before but 1) I can't find the post and 2) It's quite possible it was another forum! Anyway. Ever since I got my T-Mobile Vario III in november the in call volume of the built in ear piece is far too loud. It is too loud when I turn the volume down and to be honest the level of the in call volume setting doesn't seem to make much difference. My girlfriend does talk rather loud but this is ear piercing. Only if I am talking to someone who whispers can I enjoy and call and not have to hold the phone away from my head. Anyone experiencing this issue? My girlfriend has changed phones recently so it can't be her phone. Plus it does happen with other people too. I notice it moreso at work as I work in a drawing office and it is quiet so when I take a call I have to hold the phone from my ear and everyone in the office knows about my business! Obviously a solution to this would be great but if no one has one it would be nice to know if there are any Kaiser/Vario III owners that do not have this problem at all. I think that the volume should go very very quiet when I put the level to 0. BUT IT DOESN'T! Thanks
  14. I haven't bought any mapping software because I can't afford the £100 + per map. But I did trial Fugawi a while back which was good, you could plot walks and stuff on 3D maps then transfer them to your PDA. Seems very similar to Memory Map, might try out memory map now! Still expensive to buy maps for.
  15. I have had to do a hard reboot for the 3rd time today. As more software gets loaded onto my Vario III the more it starts to fail. It always gets to a point where either texts or calls call the phone to vibrate forever and without response until I disconnect the battery. Also it doesnt let me shut down without disconnecting the battery and it generally slows right up and stops working altogether. When I manage to start it up and do a hard reset (clear storage) it is perfect and as good as new again but obviously I have to set everything up again and install what I need again. Anyone else having similar issues once they install lots of software? When I say lots I only install about 10 -15 titles.
  16. I have been reading a good few forums now but still don't know if it is possible to activate the GPS built into the VARIO II? Also, if one was to buy the Vario II with co-pilot, would the GPS then work with TOM TOM and other GPS software? It seems such a shame for the device to have a GPS receiver built in but not activated to force people pay extortionate process for the co-pilot version. It costs the same amount as a stand alone GPS receiver extra!!! Can the missing antenna be purchased and fitted and then the appropriate drivers installed? I really want a VARIO II but the only thing holding me back is this GPS issue. I would love to use built in GPS with it. I don't know how T-Mobile have the face to charge so much extra for an antenna!
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