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  1. now i wonder who that would use non standard chars in an password that sould be able to give access to the inet for a wide range of devices. i would suggest to just change the WEP key on the accesspoint and use AE instead of Æ to keep it withhin an normal english charset so all devices can connect to it without truble.
  2. Hi There.. Nice Rom. i just upgraded from the old snap and now it feels slow. any way to disable the fade thing when returning from blank screen ? any other tweaks to make it more snappy ? EDIT: Also seem to get lockups when entering file explorer and hitting menu. can´t close it again. Sollution: Changed the poolsize to 8Mb. now it seems alot snappier and no lockups anymore.
  3. first i'll like to say it's a great phone and i like it alot.. but i have some issues i get pretty annoyed over.. 1. when typing and i want to delete using the arrow key some times it just moves the cencor a letter instead og deleting. this is a major issue for me couse it gets annoying when u type alot of sms's 2. slow menus/reactions . maybe this is just couse i come from an old samsung mobile where it did everything fast. but i still think menus are slow as hell. 3. booting the mobile takes ages. not offen i do it but when i do it's annoying to wait for so long. 4. missing an LAN Browser heh.. would have thought it where standart in windows since they came up with samba shares :S prolly alot more but these i'll let be the first.. i'll add to the thread if i find any more annoying things.. :) what i'm hoping is that someone have an sollution to some of these issues.
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