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  1. I've joined poplfly. I've been interested in learning to develop, perticularly for WM for sometime but all the online resources seem to technical for the newbie. This could lead to some good new apps being developed as Modaco Popfly members would be able to look at the source code for apps and learn the internals of WM apps. My Popfly account is Rolandh25 Roland
  2. A new Lite version of Dr. Martin onzo's WM6.1 is available thanks to frauhottelmann for having thhe idea to create it. Download v.10 now from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=386325 Roland
  3. Try using Total Commander to copy the link back to the start menu, or try doing a hard reset to see if that restores the shortcuts. Roland
  4. I have already suggested that it would be nice to have the inbox message marked as read when you have replied via the bubble message. I had not noticed this on my Vox. Roland
  5. Why would you want to delete files that are part of the ROM? Roland
  6. I was going to post it on there to as I use xda-developers. Roland
  7. Here are some screen shots for anyone interested SMSDrFix_Settings_1.bmpSMSDrFix_Settings_2.bmpSMSDrFix_New_SMS_Delivery_Recipt.bmp Roland
  8. For all of you that long for the popup notification when you recive a new sms on your WM6 Standard phone like you get with WM6 Professional then try this freeware app, it is in Beta stage at the moment but works fine on my Vox. SMSDRFixSP.CAB Roland
  9. Use Facade to move HomeScreen plugins around, it's not free but it is the easiest way I can think to move plugins around, unless you don't mind fiddling with the xml file for Homescreen. Try using Total Commander, it's the only file mannager that I know that can move protected system files and it is free. Roland
  10. I have found a nice little app that displays an incomming txt message in a bubble on the Homescreen like WM6 Pro does, will check with the developer if it ok to post it for download on here as I am Beta testing it for him. It's called SMSDrFix if you want to Google for it Roland
  11. Facade from SBSH issues a reset command to ssave you having to power off then back on, and can add multiple days off calendar entrys on the Homescreen. It's not free but it is worth every penny just to allow you to view multiple days of appointments on the Homescree. I use it on my Vox with the Wings Homescreen. Roland
  12. I like to keep my phone up2date like I keep my PC thats why I want WM6.1. Roland
  13. Ok. I know it has. I could not get it to work so I went with Dr. Martin Gonzos New Guava ROM as it is based on the HTC ROM that I wanted to dump and has the oem.dll to allow Animated Splash screens. Roland
  14. Will the Vox be able to handle WM6.1 even if it is a cooked gineric WM6.1 ROM? Roland
  15. I tried the trial of photo contacts pro and it would not popup a new message when I recived one. Roland
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