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  1. you got one from t mobile ive been waiting for one ordered on oct 22nd still no sign of it thinking of just giving up on t mobile and getting a HD7
  2. scratch that i ordered it on 22nd - but still thats over two weeks now. tab and nexus 2 are now on my agenda :)
  3. hmmm i ordered mine on the 12th i think still waiting :)
  4. bugger im waiting for one at the moment too. been away for a week was expecting it to be here when i got home. WP7 problems or tmobile customisation issues hate operator customisations holding up firmware
  5. battery life was the worry for me with the HD7. The EVo 4g was terrible. but i love the slim format and 4.3 inch screen which in my opinion is the perfect size.
  6. i was in the o2 store the box was in front of me was on the phone to t mobile to get by pac code and they offered me a free omnia 7 and £15 a month cheaper linedeal (i've been with t mobile over 5 years) o2 guy went to try and match it but told me to go with the t mobile offer, so i did, now have to wait for it to be delivered unless i can find a store with them in stock today. the hd7 felt lovely the pluses on the omnia for me is the apparently better screen - though smaller - that 4.3 is impressive without being too big. and potentially better battery life - not proven - though i had a evo 4g while in the states and that would rarely make it past lunch. mac has anyone received an omnia 7 from t mobile yet? or do only orange have them in stock?
  7. yes in fairness if id taken it with an S710 you wouldnt know what it was :D
  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/cmmorrison/2738215792/sizes/l/ enjoy!
  9. We do like to grumble about how there's not enough Windows Mobile advertising, so we should also applaud this HUGE Diamond advert on the IMAX Cinema! There certainly does seem to be a Diamond promo push atm, I (Paul) have also seen a ton of advertising for the Diamond and TouchFlo 3D on the new advertising screens on the tube network in London. Nice work HTC :D P PS maclondon: Kudos for getting the pic :D [Edited by Paul (MVP) for News]
  10. sadly nothings going to help as its got a 900 mAh battery and 3g/gps they dont mix
  11. well - if you like win mobile you will probbaly like it you can lose the annoying slow, terrible touch flow 3d - and it will behave much like your tytn of course going from full qwerty to t9 is a bummer i found the full qwerty not too bad for keyboard entry. ive had 3 windows mobiles before (2 smartphone (c500,s710)- 1 proper win mobile (XDA exec)) i liked them all- but generally found the interface on the smartphone edition superior - go figure!! the diamond is doing alot in a small package. and for me it fails. i flogged mine on ebay at a £100 loss - but better lose 100quid than 200 or more if i hung onto it for a few months. but you mileage may vary.
  12. i Agree 100% thats why i sold mine after 2 days. its unusable, sure if it had come out 3 years ago it would seem amazing and we would all put up with the 'issues' but this is meant to be a cross over device for mass consumption not a smartphone geek tool, that requires registry hacks and debranding firmware flashes and a working knowledge of xda developers to make it even half usable. do tmoby have a14 day return policy? return. wait til something you want comes along. e71 looks nice. n96 is just an n95 so if you didnt want one of them - dont consider it. iPhone, nice if you are into music/video and shiny shiny ness. or wait x1? symbian 5th edition touch (theres no 4th edition as its unlucky - see also no nokia has a 4 in the product number) you could remove touchflow 3d - i think that helps a bit
  13. HTC have a jointly orange branded video advert for the Diamond playing at charing cross (and presumably the other london terminus). smart media buying. As it targets their market perfectly commuters and crackberry users. of course all the blackberry users were do busy doing their zombie like thousand yard stare into the little screens of hell, to notice anything other than their work email
  14. i think the 2.0 software is a bit of a dog
  15. eh? iPhone interface is very flat, clean and minus unneccessary whizzes, flashes zooms and animations. as is core windows mobile and original touch flo its touch flow 3d that trys too hard its like its been done by people that think powerpoint transisitions and animations are like, really cool.
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