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  1. Can't do it on the PPC, but I do this in Outlook all the time. Just be aware that moving a folder with 100+ messages might take a few minutes. It also locks-up outlook for me (deadlock) if I attempt it during a send & receive.
  2. It could also be in the registry. You have a couple of options: - hunt down the offending call and remove it. Searching the file system and registry for "oxford" might find it - reinstall the application, enable then disable this feature and uninstall
  3. Hi All, I've just recently got a Touch Pro 2 device which I'm very happy with. About 10 days after I got it my email stopped working; I'm trying to connect to my home imaps server running on the default port of 993. SSH to non-standard ports is also failing. However, Google Maps and http work fine at the same time as the email failures and if I switch to wifi everything works. So, it's looking like they are blocking my imaps over 3G which is a deal-breaker for me. If someone could confirm if this is normal I'd be very grateful; I've not signed the contract yet (which I was going to do today) and will be bailing out if this is standard.
  4. Hi sonny, Watch out for older cab installers as the settings may have changed and they may not work now. I don't use this phone anymore and I think this forum has pretty much gone quiet these days with very few posts over the last year. You'd be better posting any questions you have in one of the generic pocket pc forums here, I think the cab files are the same for most devices in this case. Good luck!
  5. The software you are looking for is "Code Wallet" and there are a couple of other similar apps. It can store phone numbers, email/web passwords, banking details etc and it's encrypted.
  6. I had similar problems caused by a bad sim card once. Incomming calls failed most of the time and on the 20% of the time outgoing calls connect, you'd get dropped after 30 seconds (almost exactly the same length each time!). Try a friends sim card to see if the problems go away. If so, it's time to call to to your carrier to get a new card (or cancel the account :) )
  7. I'm still using mine, though I don't use the original Orange ROM anymore as it's a bit dated. Quite happy with it as my only phone to be honest, I'd only upgrade for one with integrated GPS and WiFi without being bigger. Haven't seen that phone yet though I've not really been paying too much attention to what's happening.
  8. fraser


    Fingers crossed that nothing happens. Iran is a completely different situation than Iraq was prior to our invasion; they actually have a functioning military.
  9. fraser


    The rumour is that US assets in the area have been instructed to leave. The Russians are the ones leaking it to the press, but no one is picking up on it. This Friday coming sounds likely to me; the weekend is ideal for political reasons and it needs to be this week if they are to capitalize on the "hostage" crisis. By the way, the word there was that they were a special forces reconnaissance team, not "sailors" as is being reported. There has been the odd report of incursions into Iran over the past few years. This story has just broken two minutes ago as we now find more of the backstory behind this incursion into Iranian waters. Apparently we kidnapped five Iranian officials recently. Why do I believe the Iranians over the Brits on where they were? Because we've consistently lied about everything in Iraq. Just last week a US official was claiming it was safe to walk the streets in Baghdad. Out of shot where four apache helicopters, several tanks and over 100 troops. C'mon guys, I was right on Iraq being a monumental mistake, stay with me on this one and get in on the ground floor! ;)
  10. fraser


    Yup, they have reported it, just not on regular news. Google search first hit From the first link, dated 17 Jan 2007: We are unpopular as we do still meddle in the region. We, with the assistance of the CIA, have overthrown the Iranian government in the past when it has suited out interests. Nothing here surprises me. The Project for the New American Century, comprising of people such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz have always been vocal on their plans for the region. See this page for their official publications, where they talk of a Pearl Harbour event leading to an extended campaign in the middle east.
  11. fraser


    The war starts Friday 6th April from what I'm hearing, starting with a load of airstrikes. The carriers have been moving into position for months. This "hostage" (aka enemy combatant) thing is very conveniently timed. Iranian news is reporting US planes entering their airspace already, probably checking out the reactions and readiness of the ground crews.
  12. Hmm, that's a pickle. I've been in a similar situation before where I've lost txt messages without reading them. Not cool, would appear very rude to your friends. I believe the messages are stored in a database file. You may be able to find a database viewer program for your phone that will let you view the raw data. However, you could just try replying to each one saying your phone is broke, can't read txts, you don't know who they are and could they call you back. Before doing this, enable "save sent items" and you might even be able to see who it is via the "Sent Items" folder. Actually, you may even be able to reply, save-as-draft and take a look in Drafts to see who it is to.
  13. Try Notes Explorer. Not quite a drawing program, but it'll do your notes. Has a few quirks though. http://www.pocketgear.com/software_detail.asp?id=5926
  14. Apple have truly jumped the shark on this one. Even the slashdot apple fanbois are being outnumbered by the "this is not cool" types. Believe me, that is a first for slashdot IMHO. Hell, I've been active in those discussions and normally it's a huge karma (moderation) hit when you defend windows mobile. Right now I'd say over those threads my posts have been non-moderated, which is good as anything said pro-MS or anti-apple is normally committing suicide over there. I've managed to say both in the same post and get general agreement. Apple, you messed up big this time. Even your astroturfers cannot save you now. You'd better watch out; like google your company depends upon the perception of "cool". Lose that and you are worthless. I can see myself writing an obituary article on Apple in a few years about how they had it all and lost it, much like Yahoo did.
  15. I presume this is fixed but here's a neat trick you can do: use Googles SMTP server! The good thing about this is that it works over any network, ActiveSync and WiFi. Normally you can only use the server belonging to the network that you are on, meaning you have to change it sometimes. Simply create a google mail account and use the outgoing server they provide. This may require you to tick something in your gmail settings. It requires SSL encryption, which is a very good thing provided your phone can do it. EDIT: here's a link: http://www.lifehacker.com/software/email-a...rver-111166.php
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