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  1. Hey there, I'm thinking of getting a Diamond 2 and have been reading various online reviews, but was wondering what kind of battery life people are getting with it, especially with Exhcange ActiveSync running? Thanks, Derek
  2. derky

    Sudden Battery Drain Overnight

    No joy at all, it went back to T-Mobile again and I think all they did was replace the battery and re-flash it, again. Had it back 2 days and it drained again, so I've hard reset and not applied the T-Mob customisations and am slowly re-adding everything in a hope of tracking down the offending app/combination of apps. I'm actually not entirely convinced it isn't the HTC audio player that isn't causing the hassle though. I did ask them about going back to WM6 and they said it wasn't possible, which it is, just not in a supported fashion. My annoyance at this is actually make me do the unforgiveable and anticipate what the next version of the iPhone will be and I am as anti-apple as they come :excl: I did have a phone number issue yes. For some reason the default setting for the number of digits the phone uses to compare the incoming number against your contacts is 13, which means that the phone is tryting to match against the whole number. For phone calls numbers come in regionally e.g. 01234... whereas texts come through in the international format +44 1234... You need to change this number to something more sensible, I think most phones use 6 - 8, so it only compares the end of the number. I used Schaps Advanced Config tool to modfiy my mine so I've never changed the registry directly for this one, but a quick search shows that that HKCU\Control Panel\Phone\CalIidMatch should be offending registry key.
  3. While my Touch Dual was off for repair the lovely people at T-Mo put WM6.1 on it, and since it's been back I've had issues with the battery level dropping 50% overnight, and in once case 90%! Firstly, it's a brand new battery. I read on another forum that there could be a WM6.1 bug where when hard reset with a partially charged battery WM6.1 screws up and doesn't charge the battery fully as it mis-registers the charge level. So I drained it to critical, hard reset and then charged to full with the device off. Once it was charged I didn't install anything on it and then managed to get 4 days out of the battery with the phone on during the day, and Exchange ActiveSync running. All was fine. I then recharged it, and set about reinstalling stuff, and now it's started doing it again. I turn of the radio when I go to bed, and leave any apps running, just live I've done with WM5 and WM6, and then in the morning, along with my alarm I get a critical battery notification. I've tried monitoring the processes running and what CPU they're using and the pull on the battery, but nothing comes up abnormal, apart from once when I found repllog.exe was going on a rampage and stopping the device from sleeping. But the thing that really confuses me is that I can use the phone all day and the battery drain is as I would expect for the usage, but it only plummets overnight when the phone is off. Anoyone got any ideas, as I'm considering sending it back to T-Mo and getting them to put WM6.0 back on it. I just want the thing to last 2 days like it used to, which isn't exactly spectacular, my partner only charges his Nokia once a fortnight.
  4. derky

    Locks after 15mins

    You need to edit the following registry key \hklm\security\policies\policies0001023 and set it to 1, that should re-enable the timeout drop-down in the lock settings. If you use Exchange Active Sync it may be that your Exchange Server is pushing that setting out, so you could find it reverts back to being disabled again. I use Zenyee Stay Unlock, which basically monitors that reg key and when it gets updated it automatically changes it back again.
  5. In the past day or so, not sure exactly when, my Touch Dual has developed what looks like an oil slick on the screen. It's a perfect rectangle which doesn't quite fill the whole screen and is slightly offset from centre. It is only really visible if I look at it from a certain angle when the backlight is off and get the light to reflect off it a certain way, but it is also slightly detectable when using the device. The aftected area also has evenly spaced bumps (or dots) in it, which I guess is something to do with how the touch screen functions. This has definitely not been there before. Anyone know what it is, what may have caused it, and how I can get rid of it, or am I stuck with it forever now?
  6. I've just noticed that when I unlock my device from the standard WM6 device lock (not the PIN enabled one) HTC Home flicks to the home tab. So, for example, I lock the device with HTC Home on Weather. I power it back up and it is showing Weather, I click the Unlock soft key then the Unlcok button and then it flicks to the home tab. Even if another app is active when you unlock it, once you close that and return to the today screen HTC Home flicks back to the Home Tab. I'm sure it wasn't doing this before and I've restored to a backup from before I installed a recent program, but it is still doing it. Anyone know how to stop it?
  7. I've got the birthday field set for most of my contacts in Outlook, so it handily generates the recurring appointment in the calendar. When I got my first WM5 device I slavishly went through and modified the reminder of each one to be 6.5 days (or 156 hours for the PPC) so it didn't remind me at midnight at the start of the event - all was fine. On my WM6 device it is reminding me 6.5 days in advance and at midnight of the day of the event. The one major difference, apart from being WM6, is that I am now using Exchange ActiveSync rather than simply syncing with Outlook. From changing the time and date on the device I have found 1 event so far that doesn't remind at midnight, but it is set up in exactly the same way as all the others, so I don't know why it doesn't do it. I tried removing the Sync association so all the events were removed from the device calendar. Rebooted and synced up again, but it still does it. Is this a known issue with using Exchange, or WM6, or anything like that, or does anyone else knw how to stop it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. So, my Touch Plus can't seem to maintain the flashing Orange light when I receive a new email. For the 1st mail received after a soft reset it works fine (set to sound, message, vibrate and flash with no limit), but for subsequent mails it fails to set, or maintain the flashing of the led - sometime it flashes orange once then goes back to green, but some times it just stays green. Does anyone know how to sort this as it is getting a bit annoying not getting full notification for mail? Cheers, Derek
  9. derky

    Disabling F-Secure

    So it is! Thanks for the help :D
  10. I know that the F-Secure thing is a bit of a waste of time, I never had anti-virus on my old phone and that was never a problem, and probably slows the device down so I'd like to turn it off. But being a cautious kind of guy I don't want to just unintsall the program in case I decide I want to use it in future. Is there a way of disabling it from starting up when the device starts? Derek
  11. derky

    Lock device button on Today screen

    I've just tried the CAB downloadable from the bottom of the first post in this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=261277 on my Touch Plus and it seems to work fine, despite the latter posts in the thread saying people had issues with the Touch. It basically invokes the device lock on wake up, so assuming you've got the device setup to disable all hardware keys when it's powered off then when it wakes up (either manually or sms etc) this will kick in and activate the screen lock (I'm sure there is probably a slight delay, but it's a fraction of a second and could be because of the re-draw). Phone calls and alarms can be answered/dismissed without needing to disable the lock as usual. The only slight odd behaviour I've had is when using the wired remote headset, sometimes the commands from the remote seemed to disable the lock and sometimes not, but quite why the remote has to wake the device up and bring the app to the front to perform its actions is a bit of a mystery to me.
  12. derky

    HTC Touch Dual 'c to a' Fix!

    I get the repeated word thing too, but I don't think I added a custom word before I ran the update so I have no idea if it was happening before. Derek
  13. Just given vtap a try, seems like a pretty cool little app and quick too. Think I'll stick with that, seeing as I don't really use YouTube anyway, I just wanted to see it working out of principle :) Thanks for the recommendation Jeremy!
  14. I know there are endless topics about You Tube mobile on Windows Mobile, but I was wondering if there were any Touch Plus users out there who had got it to work? Streaming Media gives me the "Failed to find network" message, and looking at most topics to do with this problem it says that if you can't stream Real Player then it is a direct connection issue and it just won't work. However, I can stream Real Player no problems and the web'n'walk homepage even has links to YouTube mobile so I wouldn't have thought that it would be that T-Mobile was blocking it. That said i did have to make a registry tweak to get IE to fire up Streaming Media when I click on the watch video links, so there may still be something that is misconfigured on my device. Any ideas anyone?
  15. Maybe I've just got a dodgy device then, as mine doesn't check email at all in battery standby. Hmm, makes me wonder what else on mine isn't working properly :) With regards the screen not coming on when you get an email notification, I'm fairly sure my Compact 2 didn't turn the screen on for email, only SMS, but then I've not been using it for a couple of weeks, so naturally I've forgotten how it worked :D

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