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  1. kiddybaggie

    C500s now shipping with WMP 10

    What orange site are you checking ?
  2. kiddybaggie

    Hotmail on C500

    Ooh thats sly :shock:
  3. Anyone set there phone up to recieve emails from there hotmail account? What are the settings? I know you can log on throught the t'internet but would prefer direct to my mail box. Cheers kiddybaggie
  4. kiddybaggie


    Far too much loved for little britain!
  5. Go to contacts, select contact to add ringtone, select edit, scan down past possible numbers, address etc and there is an option called "custom ring tone" Just select ringtone for that contact in there and select done. Bobs your uncle, fannys your aunt.
  6. kiddybaggie


    http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=1170...=fullscreen+pit Fullscreen pit is in this thread. Just save it along side your all caller id pit files. Want Bitty!
  7. kiddybaggie


    Welcome to the forum Tommy.....I suggest you do a search for the answers. There is a pit file you can download off one of the other threads which will overwrite the caller id screen with a fullscreen pic of whatever photo you use. I believe it is called "fullscreen.pit". Do a search! Same for the registry change to put the ringtone on your memory card. Oh and post specific C500 questions in that particular forum. Ok mate? Steve (Kiddybaggie)
  8. Just phoned orange ref: the dead pixel and they agreed to replace first thing tomorrow morning. Fair play to 'em! Funny thing was, they asked if I had a black or silver C500, I have a black one and said so but if I'd said silver I'm sure they would have replaced it with one of those. Suprised they didn't know from the IMEI number. After hearing the stories of silver SPV's being scratched easily I'm happy to stick with the black. She also said it would be a brand new replacement. Which I'd expect after 7 days.
  9. kiddybaggie

    Transcend 512MB Mini SD

    And for me.....creackin :)
  10. kiddybaggie

    Syncing with Outlook

    Shizzle, That'll be the problem then, unfortunately i have no contacts on outlook and all only on my phone. I assuming that means to sync on outlook, I need to install all my contacts manually onto outlook, delete all off my phone, and then sync. :? Easiest option is to not bother then and just continue to use the orange backup service for my contacts.
  11. kiddybaggie

    Syncing with Outlook

    It does...but still does not sync the contacts. Syncs tasks and calander fine. Settings are: desktop: Always replace the item on my computer Server: Always replace the item on my device
  12. kiddybaggie

    Syncing with Outlook

    Still can't seem to resolve the issue, what settings exactly do I have to change to sync the contacts? Or am I blatenetly missing something obvious..?
  13. Syncing with outlook - everything else is fine but my contacts won't? Don't use outlook for email, but I thought I'd use it just to keep my contacts as backup, it just says 88 (I'm assuming all my contacts) unresolved items which won't resolve. Is this an outlook issue? Or is there any sync settings i have to change? Outlook contacts is currently empty.
  14. see link to thread on previous page.(1) It should help you. :lol:
  15. Have you tried press left and right to on the paddle to move through the selections? Step by step: Go to camera - Menu - 1 capture mode - 5 Picture theme - (one should pop up) then either use left/right to scroll through themes or press menu and 4 select template to see them as thumb nails. As long as your templates are stored on Storage/my documents/frames/ you should have no trouble. Can we make this thread a sticky or at least keep it going as there are some good efforts on here!

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