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  1. look here for more, from _thalamus http://thalamus.ineige.org/misc/HBOOTS/
  2. Prima oara am flashuit cu XXGD1 version. Am urmat exact instructiunile de la postul 286.
  3. try unninstal and reinstal modem driver on your xp... and flash again.
  4. ... i still have problem after restart my phone... the soft keys, and back key is freezing.. who knows about files from startup folder. what about delete_ro ?
  5. i am downgrading back to xxd1.. :) after a off-on, my soft keys and back keys is freezing. and now with WM5 is same problem. i can use my I600 just if after power on phone and windows loading i am pressing fast (in max 10 sec) start, connection, on to wifi and done. I think, at the start, activesync running in phone and freezing it. do you know about this problem?
  6. Hello guys, great job here. I have a I600 from Orange Romania. My version is I600BVGD2. Can i try to update tu WM6? Thanks. Edited -- i DID it.. http://www.modaco.com/Samsung-SGH-i600-Fir...tml&st=280# and... is working. thanks guys.
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