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  1. kidinspace

    [SOLVED - post #7] Vodafone India, Mumbai Settings

    Have you used this? UK_Setup.exe
  2. kidinspace

    Hotmail on SPV E650

    Not sure if the Moderators would remove my pst as I'm not suer I'm allowed to post the software on here.... ....if not visit this link, should be what you are looking for... Exact Link - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=301228 .G.
  3. kidinspace

    Hotmail on SPV E650

    I got this from a friend who works for Microsoft... Unzip, copy to device and run from there. It gives you access to Hotmail from the messaging section of the device, it also gives you Windows Live Messenger. i.e. No need to do things over the web-based interface. Just make sure your phone is Application Unlocked, if it isn't then I'm sure "Paul's De-Brand Pack" takes care of that. Hope this helps. .G. WindowsLive.SmartPhone.v10.zip
  4. kidinspace

    Orange Upgrade

    Orange UK? - Bad News. Well, as of February the 4th they changed the rules on upgrades, you can now only upgrade within the last 3 months of your contract. If your are on a 12 month contract then you have to wait for the till months to expire. THEY WILL NOT DO IT EARLY!!! When it is your time to upgrade they split you into 5 bands, 1 being the lowest 5 being the highest - this is depicted my bill spend and whether you go over and above your tariff, and this determines what phones are available for you to upgrade to, i.e. handset costs. Now the Tytn II is an expensive phone and is only free on band 5 - I think! On a lower band say band 3 (£35 tariff -not going over your minutes) you could be looking at £279 or something like that, can't really be that accurate just now as I am not at work nor do I have a price matrix at home. To get a replacement phone from Orange would cost £100 + VAT(added to your next bill) then £6 per month for minimum 12 months. This is called "Emergency Care" and the handset is £100 because it is a smartphone. [note Orange Care has been £6 per month for "new customers", or "those who don't already have it", for at least 1 year or so now. If you had added Orange Care when it was £5 then I think they still only charge £5 unless you cancel it and start it again.] My advice......Ebay! Or Getting it repaired through HTC. If you bought it from a retail shop they can send it away for repair for you but you will be charged for the repair, but to be honest the repairs centres they use for HTC's are sh!t they take 5 - 6 weeks sometimes to come back....if they can be bothered fixing them! Hope this helps.... Happy Days! "Hates His Job" Orange Retail, Glasgow.
  5. Done it while back now and no issues at all, however before i done it i was getting a SIM failure message at startup even after the Firmware upgrade it still happens, not sure why.... .G.
  6. kidinspace

    Damaged Keypad Advice

    The Orange way could be tricky, we usually require a proof of purchase to send the phone away from a Retail Shop (like the one i work in) and i'm not sure what would they would require over the phone. Besides i don't trust the repair centre especially when it comes to smartphones, their turnaround time is shocking and i'm also never convinced witht their QC process before the phone leaves....AND they have a awful habit of flashing the phone before the phone gets sent back, even if it only needs hardware replacing! So in short, i would send it to HTC! .G.
  7. kidinspace

    Backlight won't turn off!

    I had sorted this issue out before but last week i had to reinstall Tom Tom because i lost my memory card. Now everytime i run Tom Tom it changes the power management settings, and i have to keep having to go back and chnage them back again, i can't understand this i have followed all the same instructions as the last time but it would seem to no effect... Any other suggestions? .G.
  8. kidinspace

    M3100 replaced with TyTn II on Orange Care?

    Orange will only DMR (Different Model Replacement) a device if it is out of stock at the time or it has been discontinued, however we try to stock at least 3 months worth of handsets even when a manufacturer has pulled the plug on production.... .G. Orange, CSR.
  9. kidinspace

    SIM Failure

    A couple of weeks ago my phone started generating an SIM error meessage at startup. I then changed ROM from the Orange WM6 to the latest HTC version, and since then i get the same error message.... Missing or invalid SIM please contact you service provider.... The weird thing about this is that I still get the error message, I clear it twice, and it asks me for my PIN and continues to work just fine... I thought that changing the ROM would sort this as I just put the error down to some sort of OS problem initially. Anyone else experienced the same of similar issues? I replaced my SIM to see if that made any difference but that hasn't changed a thing either... .G.
  10. kidinspace

    Homescreen Customisation

    Does anybody know if there is a way to move the items on the homescreen of the S710? I just use the Windows Default one with the Windows Live plugin and all i would want to do is move some of the items around a bit, like put the Messening item under the one for the Comm Manager etc... is this possible? On another note, i was trying to tidy up my start menu because it is getting too long to scroll thru, and i was trying to put some icons for programs into the "programs" folder thru Windows Explorer on my machine but when i go to move them it tells me they are protected... Does anyone have a work around for this? .G.
  11. kidinspace

    Windows Mobile Training

    I know but it sells well on ebay!
  12. kidinspace

    Windows Mobile Training

    One of the advantages of working for Orange, I have now completed the whole thing as 6 different people from work who aren't bothered about it, all i do everytime is register as the new person and send a confirmation email from work. :D Now i have all the top end prizes, only beacuse windows are really lazy about updating the courses! .G.
  13. kidinspace

    MSN Messenger

    I have an E650 on Orange and i work in an Orange shop so i do have the joy of playing with most of the SPV's / or HTC's as they are now branded. From this i have noticed that the Touch, now discontinued, has Windows Live software installed on the device, this is something i would prefer to have on my E650 as the web based system isn't always great. Is there anyway to add this to the device, i have trawled the web to see if there is anywhere to get it from but it would seem not. It would appear to me that it is only on WM6 Pro or equivilent. Any ideas guys? Is it somehting that can be taken somehow from one of these devices and put on mine? Also having never had either the HTC S710 / S730 versions i don't know if they come with it. .G.
  14. kidinspace

    Icon Removal

    Done! I had to slap myself for not thinking of that!
  15. kidinspace

    Icon Removal

    I had installed some programs on my device and had removed them the correct way however the icons in the start menu are still there. How do i remove them? For example below the icon i want to remove is "Free up RAM"

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