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  1. I got my travel changer and a keyboard from http://1800mobiles.com/ They are also cheaper than Verizon or Samsung and the service was great.
  2. Mike E

    IM+ installation

    All my contacts were entered with teh actual AOL IM standalone client. Now I found another odd problem. A couple of my contacts weren't on the Agile buddy list. When I entered them on Agile, they went into my actual AIM buddy list under a sperate group, so they were now in there twice. If I delete the new entry, they disappear from Agile. I have to go into AIM, delete the original one and move the new one Agile created into the right group.
  3. Mike E

    IM+ installation

    I had the same problem with IM+. I talked to Samsung and the level 2 guy tried it on 3 phones and had teh same error. He said one of those phones was totally unlocked. I'm using Agile Messenger now, but not all my contacts show as online. Usually only 3-4 of them, sometimes less. I've also had weird problems with buddies showing as blank.
  4. Mike E

    VoiceMail reminders

    I appreciate the information. I found that key in the registry, but haven't found anything for alarm. What do I use to set it for the value of alarm?
  5. Mike E

    VoiceMail reminders

    Is there any way to get reminders when you have voicemail? I have looked and haven't found anything. I've sometimes missed the fact someone left me voicemail if I didn't hear the phone or don't constantly check the display. All my other phones would always beep or vibrate as a reminder. Did I miss something?
  6. I also have the i600 and use it both for business and personal. I was also tired of carrying a phone and a PDA around all the time. I also have been trying various programs and just ordered a bigger SD card for it. I've noticed a few people commenting about not being able to check more than 1 E-Mail account. I purchased Sunnysoft Mail Center and am very happy with it. I am using it with 2 POP3 accounts and have not had any problems. I wish I could have it automatically check every X minutes, but at least for now I can check them. I'm also running Code Wallet Pro, IA Album, Agile Messenger, Video Poker, PocketTV, and Mine Sweeper. Still looking for other games!
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