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  1. The video on this link clearly shows WM6.1 on the device. It shows the boring start menu! Don't get me wrong I'm liking this phone. If remember correctly, phones that are released with 6.5 OTB must have the windows logo on them. We have yet to see this happen. But to be honest I think this phone will be upgradable t0 6.5 thru to WM7 or Windows Phone 7.
  2. I had eyed this up in the past. was not very impressed with the battery power. What kind of battery times have you been getting with the vista side of this? XP can be installed can't it? Thanks
  3. one thing I think i'd want to be able to turn off is the photo contact and just scroll through a list of names. As nice a feature it is out all my contact's im not going to have a photo for all of them.......or want a photo of some... :D
  4. Has the screen responsiveness and sensitivity been increased to match that which we get in the Iphone, or does it still feel like any ordinary windows mobile "resistive touchscreen"?
  5. Well looking the Unwired video he test's out the GPS in google maps. Have to say it does seem like it locks on quite quickly.
  6. I would really like to know if the screen responsiveness and sensitivity has been increased to match that which we get in the Iphone?
  7. Really disappointed by the quirky (W)QVGA Screen :D . It's the only thing that is holding me back from upgrading my touch. But it's not yet been officially confirmed so lets hope for at least a 480x640 or maybe a surprise of a WVGA 800x440.
  8. Yup it's true. I upgraded my M700 to WM6. It now also has the HTC Touch homescreen Plugin. Works great no major Issues. Jus make sure you get a Orange WM5 ROM to restore your M700 if things go wrong.
  9. Ok. bin doin a bit of hunting. What I can't figure out is how do I access the extended memory install files so that I can choose what progs I want to install from this list posted here: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=225152&hl= thus freeing up more memory? Is there a special piece of software I use, a special boot mode or somthing?
  10. Ok. I own a M500, filled to the brim with software I don't use atall, but can't delete, so I have about 2MB of memory avainable (ok slight exaggeration but you get my point :) ) I'm a absolute novice to all the registry tweak stuff, but willing to learn. What step's exactly do I need to do to bootup with just the basic software and more free memory? Thanks in advance guys.
  11. nurotic

    MMC Card

    i have a MMC card which i was using on my old casio EM-500 pocket pc but now that my new ppc uses CF cards, i want to use the MMC in my SPV (all these abbreviations!!!) How can i format the MMC card via my spv as it currently does'nt read it thanx in advance
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