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    b7610 with 16Gb MicroSD
  1. On my B7610, I have to wait and wait and wait during the first setup, pressing the green android and so on. It will work, just need to wait(at least 2-4 minutes). However, the other day, I did the setup for my friend's O2 and surprisingly, it was quite smooth(did it in less than 2 minutes), the difference was, I was connected to my notebook via USB. note that I did this only once, so I don't know it will always be like this but it was so much faster that without the USB connection..
  2. hey guys, is ext4 compulsory for froyo beta? I just untar the new files followed by the new 3d drivers and after a few minutes on the ÄNDROID booting screen, it just went to sleep permanently? BTW, I installed it over my previous beta2 installation..
  3. no, it just means it will require a 1 gb partition for the android installation. so you need a minimum of 1 Gb space.
  4. I suspected you will say that. :D However, that just mean I have nothing to offer you, as I just took the gamble and SODs just disappeared.. My setup is almost like yours, except no CPU boost.
  5. try turning on gesture lock and see if it makes a difference, it seem to work for me, I dunno why..
  6. Hi guys, Managed to update from Rev29 to Rev40. For me Rev29 was not so good as I keep getting SODs, but after updating to Rev40, no more.. However, every since the upgrade to Rev29 and now Rev40. I can no longer play Ninja Kaka :D I tried re installing but still it fails to load and asks to try again. Anyone has any ideas? I miss slicing fruits.. B)
  7. I am not a Linux guy, so I did my partitioning in windows. My ext2 is not a primary partition, it is just a logical partition. As I know(I might be wrong), you cannot have 2 primary partitions on a storage media. Maybe that is why you are having problems. ?? Just a guess...
  8. it must be *.sh or it won't work!! as for the new updatet, wait for a B7610 kernel first. it's on it's way according to elbee.
  9. do it again but, this time edit the *.sh file with a text editor and change 1 to 0 or vice versa, I cannot confirm it as I have already dump the time update files..
  10. you need to read more! 1) Are you sure the phone wipes the ext2 partition? Note that windows mobile cannot see the ext2 partition. 2) you need to edit the default.txt to point to the correct partition, the original settings may not work, you can find out the correct one if you see the starting up text where it complains it can't find "init"
  11. did you edit your default.txt to point to the sd card?
  12. I don't know about anyone else, but the timeupdate.zip didn't work for me, maybe it is because I don't have GPRS or 3G enabled?? Anyhow, I had to disable it. As for the o2b2update.sh file, if you cannot get it updated in the normal way(like me), it will update, if you copy this file into the \Storage folder and restart android.
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