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  1. aron7awol

    Android 2.3 Keyboard on CM6!

    MDPI. I get force closes on my N1 as well.
  2. aron7awol

    How to unlock the bootloader on your Nexus One

    Has anyone tried re-flashing the stock image after unlocking to see if it locks the device again?
  3. I've had this happen a couple times as well. It really drains your battery if it sits in your pocket for a while like this. I was wondering what that PKG.exe program is doing as well. I'm thinking I will check my running processes, remove it, and check again.
  4. aron7awol

    How to alphabatize favorites?

    I looked around in the registry for a MultiString that contains the order, but I couldn't find it. What did work for me, for example on the My T-Mobile favorite: 1. Rename it from My T-Mobile to something slightly different e.g. My T-Mobil 2. Rename it back to My T-Mobile For some reason, once you rename it, it loses its absolute position and goes into the alphabetical sort like everything else. It survives a reboot so I think it should stay forever. I'd still like to know how to order them absolutely like you can with the Start Menu though.
  5. Those of you who have already upgraded: Check your registry and see if HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\EnableDifferGprsEdgeIcon is set to 1. I haven't upgraded yet and I can confirm that the original ROM has this value set to 1. If yours is 0, try changing it to 1 and reboot your phone. Let me know if this works. Edit: In case the value isn't there by default, it is a DWORD value.
  6. OMG it's available! http://www.t-mobileshadow.com/ Version 1.11.531.5 This software release includes: 1. Five free ring tones from popular movies and musicians. 2. Two free full length songs. 3. An assortment of free phone wall paper images. 4. Audio Postcard, a fun new myFaves connecting experience. 5. Enhanced myFaves and menu graphics. 6. Improved text entry experience. I'm hoping it includes some bugfixes as well, although they aren't listed.
  7. Word on HoFo is that it will be released Monday. Not sure what that source of that info is, though.
  8. It hasn't been released yet, but should be soon.
  9. aron7awol

    Shortcut to Locking?

    I just set my shortcut key short press to Quick List. Best solution I've found so far.
  10. aron7awol


    I added the registry entry and it definitely worked for a couple of days. However, I sent a text today and received the notification. I checked the registry and the 1 was changed to a 0. I just changed it back to a 1 but I'm not sure what changed it back.
  11. aron7awol

    SpeedUp my T-Mobile Shadow

    I backed up the following files and replaced them with 0-byte duplicates: \Windows\My5MsgCenter.exe \Program Files\Voxmobili\Voxsync\SyncManager.exe \Windows\SyncManager.exe My5MsgCenter must start MyFavesService.exe, because after replacing it, MyFavesService didn't run. The SyncManager in Program Files was running at startup, but after replacing it, the SyncManager in Windows started running at startup, so I replaced that one also. Interestingly, the 2 files are not identical, although I'm not sure what the difference is. In preventing these files from starting up, it appears I've freed up close to 10MB of RAM.

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